Any plans to update Sienna's other careers with the Necromancer release as well?

Like Lingering Flames being a complete non-option sharing talent space with Famished Flames. Volans Disciple being mandatory to make Pyromancer work.

Pyromancer…not having any purpose being worse in melee than Unchained and far worse at range than Famished Flames.

I always thought Pyromancer had something of an identity crisis between the bright wizard we know and love from V1 and the melee incarnate of fire that is Unchained. Like rather than being her own thing she just borrows the gimmick of the other two better classes.

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Yeah, hopefully, they take a look at which talents are pretty much dead talents in many careers. Sienna has some of the most obvious ones.

I underestimated Pyromancer in the past though she needs Volan’s doctrine, she isn’t much weaker than the other two careers. She is more of a glass cannon hybrid melee/ranged career. If you use weapons that can deal lots of damage on impact like the Blot Staff, Beam Staff, or Fireball staff, instead of focusing on DOT, gear up for more crits and crit power, then she becomes quite powerful. With Beam Staff and Fireball on Pyro getting my Crit chance up to around 55% at high overcharge, I use the Heat Sink trait where crits do not overheat, allowing me to spam large amounts of direct damage shots with them to clear hordes very quickly and then I go into melee at high over heat where half my light attacks pierce armor since they are crits and I can make easy mincemeat of crowds with the 1H sword or finish off elites with the Crowbill. You pair her with WHC giving another 25% crit chance and you’ve got a top tier damage dealer.

Pyromancer really needs some better career bonuses besides just a 10% ranged power bonus, because as is, there are careers that can easily match the damage output of Pyromancer while being more durable and having more viable builds.

I’ll add the staves need to be revisited too. The Coruscation Staff is probably the most OP weapon in the game with the DOT AOE being the most effective damage dealer in the game with dense crowds of enemies you find on higher difficulties to the point no weapons besides other AOE crowd-clearing weapons come close like Duckfoot on Bounty Hunter or Hagbane on Waystalker. . The more enemies you have the better the staff gets whereas most weapons aren’t better. The conflagration staff also needs a buff or something, it stands out as one of the weakest staves besides Flamestorm staff, which is just a weaker version of Ironbreaker’s flamethrower since she doesn’t have a comparable buff for it.

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Hard agree about the coruscation staff. Incredibly high damage output, and its passive to boot. Fire and forget (heh). Pyromancer is actually my favorite career, and I think if you removed the coruscation staff from the game then Pyro is much more in line with the other two, still a tad behind, but not much. I don’t want the coruscation staff gone mind, its super cool, but it is massively over tuned.

Doubt we’ll get another balance pass though, its been over two years since forgotten relics released. It took 9 months to fix SoTT after she released, and she was egregiously broken. More frequent balancing is the number one thing I think Fatshark could improve on. Breathes so much life into the game to change up the meta, and for so little work.

I would say that Battle Wizard is borderline overdone, but to her defence, she is focused on CC and persistent damage, which scales excellently with game difficulty where you get ever more enemies and cannot afford to take risks. I would leave Sienna here where she is.

Unchained is in a good place too, she can take some damage and dish even more out. Risky but very, very rewarding.

Pyro is fine on legend and below, but underperforming on Cata. She has neither mobility to kite, nor tankiness and her focus on single-target damage falls short on Cata due to sheer amount of enemies and their massive health pool. I cannot count how many times the flaming skull flew backwards to blast a handful of trash mobs instead of the assassins 2m in front of me or hit the Chaos Warrior in the face only to make him flinch.

Tbh even on Legend she’s kinda meh.

I thought Pyro was pretty good back in my Normal/Hard days. But the more specials that come by the more you notice the limitations of burning skull

Plus objectively speaking that class truly does have the fewest innate bonuses, and worse, Volans Doctrine is a high level talent that is completely mandatory to make her work as intended. That Talent imo should be innate. While Burning Skull …I dunno, maybe it should just fire out and damage everything in a line in front of Sienna like a cannon, and the homing skull just be a talent that makes it what it currently is.

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