Enemies in terrain, floor, everything what cannot be reached by us

others could kill the SW from below, but if i shot it, it just poofed on the ground. But unfortunately for me, it could hit me. Fairplay

Can you just get rid of that unfair sh@t? so boring, these are in the game since ages, and no solution for them.

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this happening a lot on skittergate end fight too, they can also hit you from underneath the floor which is pretty game breaking at the end of the map

haven’t noticed any other superbad spots other than that one.

I’m not sure if this is location based, I have encountered it in various places and didn’t make notes of them. If it is location based, then it will take a very long time to get rid of them all.

it hink the solution is simple: the cause must be investigated why can enemies go into terrain at all? or it is an issue like overlapping terrain pieces have 1 pixel wide holes , so it allows blightstormers cast through solid-like walls? if so, how on earth can a rat get into a 1 pixel wide hole? something is terribly wrong in both situations.

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