Enemy range shooting through floor

So my team just got mown down on this map and this happens about every time on this map mostly we dont all die but its still frustrating, but all my team died because of enemy was shooting from above us through the dam floor, this happens on all kind of similar walkways but this is the most annoying part because if you get in a fight with some big enemy here you are so dead.


Yeah, it’s incredibly frustrating in many areas. I think there’s this big wire staircase at the start of like Torrent or somewhere that on 4 or 5 can be a death sentence. You lose like 60% of the team’s total HP trying to get down this one set of stairs because all the enemies can shoot through it from the bottom.

On top of that, so many enemy spawning areas have these permeable fences, I’ve literally been netted through a ceiling by a trapper, or bombed and sniped only for that unit to flee back into the monster closet. I really hope these areas get adjusted, very frustrating and unfun.


Had this happen in quite a few areas. Very frustrating. This one happens quite often and the coolant control room has some issues with it. Look into it Fatshark, please.

That particular place has issues yea

The shooting through floors you mention, railings in general need to be addressed, it’s especially annoying to get shot as a Psyker without being allowed to BB, but this one place is outright broken

It’s also the same place that can pop an entire squad of specials right on you, you walk and suddenly you’re in the middle of 2 crushers and 4 mauleurs

Something’s broken


Mutants can also charge through these fences, so be careful!

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This is one of the more unforgiving sections of any map so far.

The space Ogry is successfully shooting through

This section in general needs a lot of work.