Endgame screen rewarding the person who took most damage instead of least

Just a quick something that needs changing. ATM the person that gets the most damage taken gets a green circle why obviously it should be the one with least damage taken.



Circle of shame.


Actually, no. The point behind having this particular stat was to have something that tank types can actually score on, since they’ll typically be dealing less damage and scoring fewer kills (generally because they’ll be blocking a lot of the time). Having it highlight the player that took the most damage actually tells you if the tank is doing his/her job properly. Otherwise the more ranged type characters would pretty much be green circles all the way down, since they just wouldn’t be getting in the way of the mostly melee enemies we face.

Unless you’re sienna and blow yourself up a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Even tanks shouldn’t take damage, if you’re doing it right. Try to facetank on Legend and tell me how that goes.


So you’re saying that in the games you’ve played, your DPS and ranged players have been taking more damage than the tank? Your tank out-damages or outkills the other classes? Come on…

Everyone is going to get hit by something at some point, but the whole point of a tank is to get the enemy to concentrate on them and to absorb that damage. Yes, facetanking might not keep you alive in Legend (couldn’t say because I’ve not got there yet), but the stat is highlighted in that way because the tank is expected to take the most damage, whether they actually do or not. And if your tank isn’t getting that green circle, they aren’t doing their job well enough (and obviously need more practice :wink: )

Sounds great in theory, but show me an actual scoreboard with 0 damage taken.
The tank soaking up most damage doesn’t mean it has to be lots of damage.

In my totally subjective opinion this is a bit weird topic to even debate seriously.


This would make sense if we were playing WoW where a tank holds aggro and didn’t have active blocks, but this is not the case for Vermintide. There’s only a few ways a hero can ‘aggro’ an enemy and if you’re not raising your shield when an enemy swings you’re doing it wrong.

  1. Be the first one spotted by the enemy
  2. Be the highest DPS on a boss
  3. Pick Bardin and activate Iron Breaker taunt ability (2 min CD)

The first one is doable by leading the charge, but the tank will never top the DPS charts and number 3 can only be activated every couple minutes.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a push supposed to grab aggro? Y’kow, when you left click while blocking? I’m not saying the other roles should never use it, but I was under the impression that a push was supposed to draw attention to yourself. Although I’ll admit it never seems to work on the monsters.

I’m saying that literally everyone needs to provide more to a team than “I can absorb damage”. If I wanted damage soaks, I’d play with bots. At least they can parry.

There’s this thought floating around that standing around shield bashing and never actually killing anything somehow gets things done - and that’s patently false. The number of times a shield-carrying foot soldier or ironbreaker has lost the game because they can’t contribute to killing anything, nonetheless hordes or armored targets is hilarious. And yes, I play Bardin (and would play Kruber if my best friend didn’t). I just bring weapons that will crowd control while also dealing damage when needed.

I haven’t really cared enough to take a screenshot since, but here’s a suitable Bardin game from Veteran during beta. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/928177176922833662/4C905847217DE06C5744E36F95803B15CA596C0D/

Ironbreaker Bardin should always have lowest damage on the grounds that he can absorb a hit every 20 seconds (or 13) plus take reduced damage from everything. You can taunt, block, and dodge at the same time!

The primary goal of a ‘tank’ is support in Vermintide.

They support by:

  • CC’ing enemies via Shield bash
  • Providing almost guaranteed revives
  • Outlast other squishier teammates to keep the revives coming

Those key things are what helps keep a pug group from wiping. Then add in Drakefires and a Natural Bond necklace and boom, now you’re also freeing up Ammo and Healing pots.

You support better than a farmed Crystal Maiden with a heart.


If you take a lot of damage as a tank, then you are a sucky tank. Need to learn to block.

On my IB I always take the least damage, and the ones running off to get as many kills as possible always end up getting curb stomped and taking 10 times the damage.

I love the ‘Off Balance’ trait. I run into a group, let them beat on my shield, and everyone else does +50% damage to them. Helps that I have 8 stamina and -50% stamina cost :smiley: .


Give us dmg blocked/dodged instead of damage taken.

if the tank at any point is the one with the circle he needs more practice…

and since there are classes which dont care much bout their dmg taken, like zealot or slayer, temp hp is enough to survive with em (talking bout champ, not legend yet) i always get highest dmg taken with my salty…but i dont care bout the dmg i get, as long as i kill more of them than they dmg me, sure i dodge, block and so on, wont stand a single champ without doing so but everytime u heal up u need to take some dmg and atm there seems to be a failure in the dmg taken count as it takes temp life going away as dmg

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At the moment the stat is useless anyway. Temporary HP dmg and degeneration counts towards dmg taken.

lmfao, yes. My buddy always play Salt and gets the circle of shame…or as he calls it “Tanking”.

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So wait, you losing hp is helpful how?

Tanks due to damage reduction usually end at the bottom…

just to let those not aware know that in V1 least damage taken was shown, not most.

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