Enchanter's Lair shadows and lighting missing?

The layout is nice and all the collectibles really take some effort. I missed one chalice last run and couldn’t go back any more :sob:. Tbh it would be nice to have some proper rewards tied to these, like do x of these achievements on a specific difficulty for a Enchanter’s themed skin or hat or something.

However most of the map until the final stretch (from corridor to dropdown to the balcony - change occurs immediately when stepping through the doorway) doesn’t seem to have any proper shading. It looks like there’s no depth and in parts is super reflective on surfaces that have no business being so. The last part (from balcony to, and including boss) however is very well shaded and atmospheric. After that it’s messed up again.

It looks like shading/lighting is broken for the first part and after boss? At times I also get weird flicker in the bland part of the map, like it turns on and off again for a split second.

Messed up

Has depth

Has depth again, and you can see outside through the wall here on the final strech to the boss.


I just ran the map with close to maxed graphics settings and every part of it was pretty similar. It seems some setting turns parts of the map way worse than the rest.

I agree even on high settings the hallways all seem the exact same. I noticed the lack of shading too. It feels like I could walk on the walls or ceiling and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference of where I am. The only memorable part of the map is the feast hall with a bunch of chaos warriors slumming around in it.

Unfortunately it’s probably too late for Fatshark to totally redesign the map to make it feel more unique. I’ve been liking the other drachenfel maps so far otherwise.

I wanted to clarify, on nearly maxed settings it looked like there was shading everywhere. A lot of the map is still bland though. Especially compared to VT1, where it was very atmospheric with fog and everything. It’s pretty much the same with all the Drachenfels maps.