Elf: sword+dagger compaired to dual swords

I am using the numbers that would be relevant to the keep, not the post-game screen.
The damage numbers in the keep are 100x what they really are, but i thought it unnecessary to explain that when i can just multiply SV health by 100. It was simply meant for reference as to how high your damage in the keep needs to be to one-shot them.

That doesnt work out either tho…

My longbow deals 3375 damage on armored dummy.

If that divided by a hundred means i am supposed to deal 33 damage to a SV on a headshot then i wouldnt be killing them on one…which i do.

The numbers dont seem to match at all? O_O

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Are you sure you are testing this in a legend lobby? Because as said previously, if you are not, the numbers will not represent the damage you do on actual legend.
3375 damage would be a bit pitiful, since without any +power, it does over 4600 at 600 hero power.


Mine does 3175 without any +power and 3600 with Arcane Bodkins.

That almost certainly is on recruit.

Yeah, my lobby kinda bugged out. After restarting the game it’s 4675.

Lobby seemed to have bugged, i did the testing just after a legend run but because the host quit it seems it went back to recruit x)

Indeed, the numbers do come out better once i went into legend and back out, headshot on armor clocking in at 4975.

Still wish it mentioned its armor penetration on the traits though, and that shortbow delivered on its headshot bonus on armor too x)

They’re limited by 3 tags, something’s bound to be missed.

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