Elephant in the room: Grinding weapons/contracts


I consider myself a casual player who plays 10-15 hours/week and since the launch of Darktide, I did 1 operative at level 30 who is the Veteran Sharpshooter. I also did most of the penance of this class (about 90%) and will complete them soon.

I am also playing with the 3 others classes (lev 22, 11 and 3) and I have a great time with them.

The problem that I found with my operative at level 30 is that I don’t have fun.

The 3 things that are driving me for this operative are: #1 grinding weapons , #2 completing weekly contracts and #3 playing on harder difficulties. Since I am an average player and like to stay between level 3-4 difficulties, option #3 is not for me. I am capping at level 4 by choice and I am happy with that.

Option #1 is at the moment a real pain in the ass to look at the shop every hour and pray the RNG god to have a good base rating weapon. I don’t understand why they do this, to make us addict of the game? Give us the possiblity to craft white weapon with good base rating and upgrade them with Plasteel/Diamantine.

Option #2 is also a pain in the butt. Those weekly contracts can take so many hours to complete and the 1K reward is difficult to obtain when you are a casual gamer. I know that you can change them with dockets for easier ones, but still. Also, the Orange/Purple weapons are not that good. I wish that the weapons offered at that shop were S/S+ Base Rating (all near or at 80%) and very good blessings and perks (level 3 or 4).

I don’t understand why the grinding of weapons is based on luck and you have to pray the RNG god to have good weapons. Give us agency on crafting good white weapons and upgrade them. I will feel proud to have an Orange weapon that I did myself and not just shopped because I was lucky.


I agree grinding right now is terrible because it’s pure RNG, we lack crafting, and I don’t even know if the crafting we are going to get will satisfy me.

That said, late game is what tide games have been forever, there are no surprises here, VT2 didn’t have any “endgame” beyond playing harder difficulties and getting achievements just for the shake of the challenge. People expecting an endgame like Destiny or the Division simply didn’t know what they were buying.

There’s no end game in Payday, there’s no endgame in L4D, there’s no endgame in Deep Rock galactic (I guess deep dives are somewhat like that but… uh, you do them once a week unless you just want to repeat them for the lols)

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“It doesn’t fit the theme”.

More accurately:
We intended for RNG to be reduced and to give more player agency in regards to their weapons and thus builds, but we ended up doing the exact opposite. We also wanted to let you modify your weapons with various stuff such as Scopes, Flashlights etc. and in both cases we had to just scrap our original intentions, because we were too busy fiddling our fingers and changing other designs halfway through development, that we ran out of time.

Because, that is why Darktide is in the situation it is in.

I don’t except any “lategame” content from Darktide than playing the game. At the moment, I feel that the content after level 30 is too grindy and unfun for me. We have no agency and have to pray the RNG god. I hope this will change in the future with crafting and wish the best for this game.

On that we can agree, the gearing progression right now is far worse than VT2 on release, and one would hope they learned from that.

that 10-15h a week is called casual makes me chuckle :')

Happy that I made you chuckle. Sometimes I feel that you have to play 40+ hours/week on Darktide to be considered an hardcore gamer and able to do weekly contracts for 4 operatives. When playing is now a full time job… :wink: