Economy feedback

this was the last chapter but i think its the most important so im putting it here and the rest can explain why.

  1. consolodate currencies , keep plasteel and diamantine in game if you want have it sold for gold coins at the end of the mision, you need multiple currencies to force behaviour when there are multiple activities its an un nescessary complication here. (keep weekly tokens seperate)

change the shops
brunt- pick the base weapon type ,adjust with sliders the 5 skills. allow people to buy 380 score weapons, just have points increase in price as you increase in volume. you can have the 360-380 range be hugely expensive.

Shrine- attach purity seals , charms etc that bestow the perks /bless’s scrap the library of know bless’s have them cost more the rarer the higher tier and the more higher tier options you select.

make it deterministic encourage real choice by making god rolls so much more expensive than a 90% option.

finnaly wiped out my reserves and now experiencing thi system from a scarcity pov so feedback time!

Emps gift- havent kept a single one occasional source of a t3 bless to shard to library but basically its a couple of k gold extra.

weekly currency - used to buy t4 blessing on bad weapons to be sharded for library - once all bless’s purchased this will be useless, shop never rolls a decent weapon.

gold- only source of well rolled gear taking around 200-300k per viable chance (370+ or weak rolls only in the non core skills)

Plassteel - high demand multiple uses

  1. used to spam upgrade to blue on junk rolls to fish for t3 bless’s
  2. used for mid tier crafting luck check.

diamantine- used for last gambling gate if anythign passes the first 2

Path to a weapon
This seems to be most viable reliable way to get good rolls.

Step 1 > Spam a few hundred k gold on grey weapons , look for one with acceptable base stats. vendor rest. if any good rolls recieved proceed to step 2 else repeat.

step 2- consecrate to blue - ideal result is a perk you want and a bless you dont , this step doesnt appear to be able to gen a t4 bless so the only way to get a double t4 (except god like luck in the shop) is to get a bless you dont want to keep here.
so if you get a good perk and bad bless proceed if you get a good perk and a t3 bless your willing to live with proceed , a bad perk is a risk its going to suck if you get to the end with two wrong perks only able to fix one. but its minor so think about proceeding if you need a weapon of that type badly enough. if you have a weapon your willing to proceed with on you go else vendor all and go back to step one

Step 3- consecrate to gold, pray you roll a t4 bless you want if you do re bles the bad bless for a banked t4 (acquired from the shop) , fix the junk perk with refine spam - proceed to step 4! got a wrong bless or low tier, its vendor and go back to step 1 time.

step 4- clench your thighs , cough and try not to feint. yes its real your actually have a weapon you want! its clearly your lucky day run to the shop and get a lottery ticket.

the resources are not balanced , diamantine is entirely irrelevant its a redundant gate. you will be bottlenecked by gold , then plasteel

I dont think this is a fun system, its not a good system, i dont like it, but it does just about function. its like crawling through a sewer , you can get through it you might find something interesting down there ,just dont expect to enjoy your time in it.

too many gates
too many steps
too much rng


I relate to the frustrations. Honestly I feel like if they just added a mechanic to add/swap locks on perks and blessings it would solve it for curios and weapons. It would be a fast and simple change that would fix all the grind issues. I would like a lot of what you’re proposing but it would take more dev time.

Add these functions:

  • upgrade weapon modifiers (allow everything to go up to 80 or 100)
    price it something like
    → 100 Diamantine per 1% increase per modifier until 80%
    → 150 Diamantine per 1% increase per modifier 81-90%
    → 200 Diamantine per 1% increase per modifier 91-100%
  • permanently remove locks from Perk slots
    (2k Diamantine)
  • permanently remove locks from Blessing slots
    (2k Diamantine)
  • unlock a Blessing of choice for the library
    (5k Diamantine for T4)

There goes your diamantine.
Problem solved.

Got excess plasteel? Play the slot machine.
Maybe you pop out an item that is better than what you currently use.
Maybe you pop out a new T4 blessing that you do not already have.

Got excess diamantine? Spend it on the systems i mentioned above.
Improve the good items that you already have, or save up to buy that specific T4 blessing you want for your otherwise already perfect weapon.

When an item has all modifiers upgraded to 100, all slots are perma unlocked, and all Perks/Blessings used are at max rank (some Blessings only go up to T3), the item quality should turn to red.

Itemization would no longer be exclusively a slot machine.
People would have the additional option to spend large amounts of diamantine to circumvent the RNG, while the option to hope for good RNG persists.

Problems with gear acquisition and progression would be mostly solved.
Players could finally invest in the improvement of items that they already have and actually want to use, with the guarantee that no ressources are wasted to bad RNG.

We should be able to scrap weapons for plasteel/diamantine

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