Earn low rank Blessing when higher rank already unlocked?

Not sure if it’s just me … but finally getting back to the game I found it odd that I could unlock a lvl3 blessing on a weapon, but I could ‘optionally’ unlock lvl 2 and lvl 1 still? (or rather lower levels were not unlocked)

I get that some sense of ‘completion’ for some reason would tempt me to unlock these, but why is there not some indicator or feedback that I already have a higher rank blessing unlocked for a weapon?

a) Unlocking a higher rank blessing of a certain type unlock all lower ranks by default? (though they pretty much don’t need to exist, see (b))

b) Condense the “Blessings” layout to be a single menu that shows/lets you choose a blessing at the highest available rank earned (if any)

c) (this is a stretch) make a ‘purpose’ to using lower rank blessings… such as maybe allow ‘unlimited’ [or at least a higher number of] “Blessings” to be added to a weapon… but each weapon rarity has “Points” that are used to socket blessings … ie: a lvl1 = 1pt, lvl2 = 2pts, etc… So presumably you could modify weapons to a much higher degree and maybe balance some stats/gameplay across the board if desired OR focus all points on the strongest of a single (or two) blessings you want [if you have it unlocked]
… eg: you could say Transcendant weapons have 6 points available, you could put 1x lvl4 Blessing and 2x lvl1 Blessings in it // or 6x lvl1 Blessings ;; [Exalted = 4pts … Anointed = 2pts … 0pts for the rest as it is now]

Anyways, I know there are still bigger fish to fry, and I’m thankful they finally put in this feature (that arguable should’ve been there day 1), but it immediately felt like it was redundant with itself and made little sense.

Comment if you agree (or not!)


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All available blessings should be visible in the library of a weapon, including those that are not yet „learned“.
It is important to know, which blessings are available to a weapon, and what their effects are on what tier (just grey them out, but still display the information when clicking on it). Having to go to a third party website for such a thing, when a blessing library already exists ingame, is a bit strange.

Learning a blessing, should also unlock it on all lower tiers.
Alternatively, the currently highest learned tier of a blessing, should be displayed when looking at an item with a „new and learnable“ blessing on it. That way the player knows if the „learnable“ blessing is subjectively relevant, or if the item should be salvaged instead.

I think it is fine for all blessing tiers to co exist in the library.
If you want to test a blessing for something, you might want to just use a low tier version, because they are cheaper to apply. Although this is not really important imo.

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Actually there is a difference in the Blessings besides powerlevel that I’m sure you just didn’t notice so far, it’s somewhat negligible.
The resources you pay for each tier of Blessing you want to apply to a weapon has different resource costs associated. The higher the tier, the more you pay.

The Plasteel and Diamantine you need is in the two digits for Tier 1 and Tier 2, but is in the three digits for Tier 3 and Tier 4. Ordo Dockets also scale with this.

But yeah, having to unlock the lower Tier brackets is a bit silly.