Option to exclude blessings we already own higher tiers of

The new feature to mark blessings that can be turned into Hadron is useful. But at the same time it is kind of useless because it marks t1 to t3 blessings even if I already have the t4 version. Essentially this puts me right back to where I was before. I have to make handwritten notes for each weapon type to remind myself which blessings I actually want and which blessings I already own.

So either there should be an option to exclude blessings we already own at a higher tier, or you should just give players all of the lower tiers of the same blessing when they cash in a higher one since there is no reason to use them.

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I think the second solution would be better.

Give everyone all the lower Blessings, and you could actually then condense the blessing board to one page; show what blessings are unlocked at all, and at what level they’re unlocked to, rather than me having to flip through all the different pages to find out what I have at which levels.

I can’t remember if a lesser blessing takes slightly fewer resources to apply, but I think that’s such a niche case that no-one’s really likely to complain if they can only apply blessings at their maximum available level.

Yes it does.
That is the only reason for which i have applied a blessing at a tier below the max that i had unlocked.
I just wanted to test something.

Well, it still seems niche, but if there’s any reason to keep the option, then it’s not that difficult to have it that when you click on a given blessing, it expands to a bar you can pick the lower levels from if you really want to.

Yeah that’s a better idea than just unlocking the lower blessings. Why have more than one blessing page at all? Just have a single page and replace the lower blessings with higher ones as you unlock them. They are already marked with tier number so you wouldn’t need new art assets or anything like that.

Yes please!