EAC still prevents running the game in a Virtual Machine

Issue Description: Trying to start Darktide in a VM is prevented by EAC complaining about being in a VM.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Set up a Windows VM
  2. Install Darktide
  3. Try to run Darktide

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
I would link to my closed beta thread about the same issue but that entire sub forum has been hidden or deleted.


Worth noting that both Vermintides work just fine.


Most anti-cheats don’t allow to be run in a VM. Its unlikely EAC will ever change that

That’s funny. And entirely wrong. Even EAC doesn’t have an issue with it unless the developer explicitly disallows it.


And just to be clear:

  1. Anti cheat doesn’t work.
  2. Playing in a VM does not make you more or less likely to cheat than anyone else.
  3. This would be trivial to circumvent, but comes at a heavy performance penalty so I’m not going to bother.
  4. This is literally one setting for EAC that has to be changed.
  5. This is a co-op game. As far as I’m concerned you can just ditch the snake oil alltogether.

This is true; my roommate and I have played several EAC “protected” games despite him running a VM and I running on “bare metal.” There are plenty of reasons to run a VM for gaming and cheating on a CO-OP game is the least likely imho.

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Yeah, examples for EAC-protected games that work with 0 issues are Smite, Elden Ring and Vermintide.

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I’ve notified our developers of this issue.

Do you have a recent console log you could upload, please?

There are no console logs. I’m assuming the game itself writes those, and it doesn’t even load because of EAC.

Honestly from a cheating perspective I feel vms should be disallowed if they can be detected. Anti cheat is much less effective with virtualization.

Sure. As soon as there’s a Linux version of the game in question. Also anti cheat isn’t effective either way.


Just bumping this thread as I’m also experiencing this problem. Right now, I’m working around this by just running the game natively on Linux. However, I believe DLSS does not work on the proton version. Additionally, I’m getting a few crashes and wanted to see if running on Windows resolved the issue.

I also don’t have the “Console log” asked for above. To be clear, the game never launches I believe. The launcher starts the game, but the game quickly exits during EAC initialization. here’s the launcher log and a screenshot of what I see.

darktide_launcher.log (10.6 KB)

When I click “exit”, I get a crash report. Here’s the info on that.

GUID: e2040fe6-65f8-4b15-9705-f5a19b50715e
Log File:
Info Type:


Release day has come. Nothing has changed. Well, going to play something else then.

Same problem here have my Gaming setup on my Unraid server and Cannot run the game as a VM have to switch to bare metal. Verry disappointing because acutually a my host pc has not enough power to run the game natively.

This is very disappointing because I Upgraded my gamepass for that.

for Completion the copied log:

GUID: ca7c560d-6aeb-4cb3-a157-57ba02aed61e
Log File:
Info Type:

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Please make sure to update us on this when you get new information, excited to play on my KVM virtual machine.

I want to add me to the list :melting_face:

I have Windows 11 virtual machine running on Arch Linux
Just want to enjoy this game
Playing Overwatch, Apex Legends or Vermintide just fine :person_shrugging:

You can technically play Darktide just fine too because EAC is dumb, but I’m not paying 60 bucks for a game that doesn’t want me as a customer.

Bought this game because my son wants to play it, and Vermintide 1&2 ran great. Darktide turning on VM detection in EAC is a deal breaker. Please let me know how you plan to address this, so I know if I should get a refund or not.

Have to agree to the prior post, with my Linux PC I cannot enjoy the game as I could with my windows gaming VM. Had to buy it on steam to even play It even if I have a game pass. If this is not fixed everybody with that problem can get a refund in time if we get an answer;-)

Of course , as well there would be the possibility to hide the VM for detection but before I do that it would be nice to have a statement if I risk a ban;-).