Will Darktide be available on Steamdeck?

So I heard Vermintide 2 will not support Proton and recently Valve has released a whitelist of game that are “unplayable” which including this game. It got me worry because I really need the steamdeck since I travel a lot and I love to be able to have a pocket PC with this game, my absolutely favourite at the moment, be ready at any given moment. If Vermintide 2 is a lose course, will Darktide fall into the same fate?

Game will probably work with the steam deck, since Vermintide 2 already works on Linux. Sadly anticheat means that you could only play Vermintide on modded realm so I would imagine that’ll the case to with Darktide.

As per Valve statement, to fix this problem with EAC, it’s as easy as toggling it from the developer console. Fatshark is still looking into it, and since it’s a small team and Darktide is around the corner for release (and adding load from Vermintide 2 development) I wouldn’t count on them looking at this anytime soon unless the Steam Deck is a huge success.

Personally, I think the best bet for them is to release a beta branch compatible with Linux EAC enabled and offer 0 support for it, that way they can test it for vermintide 2 and use the results for Darktide. But I don’t know much about programming, so maybe it’s not possible.