DX12 Slow launch black screen

I’ve noticed that my game hangs for about a minute on launch with a black screen, then finally the game will actually start up. I’ve been able to isolate what is causing this and determined it’s DX12 since any time I launch on DX11 the game goes into main menu quickly, but I would prefer using DX12 because it yields better performance for me.

I’ve attached a log of each DX11 & DX12 to compare and you can see that for whatever reason the window goes ‘inactive’ on DX12.

DX11console-2020-11-30-23.15.02-4edaf2ef-d2cd-4388-a848-0e91210ceb3e.log (28.6 KB)
DX12 console-2020-11-30-23.16.21-752a4f0a-6a86-4e4f-8009-94e2bfa000d3.log (28.7 KB)

Any idea why this is happening?
Things I’ve tried: I’ve disabled mods, changed window modes, disabled my second display, changed drivers and the issue is persistant)

EDIT: I’ve added another DX12 launch log and the window doesn’t go ‘inactive’ but stops doing anything for a bit over a minute still console-2020-12-01-01.31.39-33f38866-acc3-4ee3-b9c5-44ccfe4085a2.log (28.5 KB)

Unfortunately I don’t have any immediate solutions for you, but I have raised this with our Engine Developers for investigation.

Thank you, please let me know if any further information is needed

I decided to wipe GPU drivers again and this behavior has ceased! Hopefully it does not return

Whew, what a relief! I appreciate you letting us know. :slight_smile:

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