Drakeguns: Zharrhirn, Drakkthrund VisualProblems

Today i got first time this Zharrhirn Drake 2x XD
I’m a bit sad… because:
Zharrhirn is like Beardlings’s Drakkthrund with the Visual Effect or “Bug”!
(so idk is this for BugForum or not)

Warriors’s Drakkthrund:
Not in use, 0 Heat = Model looks First and 3 Person, cold like Normal!
i Flame, Drake start to glow!
(3 Person dont start to glow, sad)

Zharrhirn Warriors’s Drakkthrund and Beardlings’s Drakkthrund:
Not in use, 0 Heat = Model looks FirstPerson cold like Normal, but in 3 Person looks like overheated… glows permanent.
i Flame, exist now glowing Effect in First Person
(3 Person is still Perma glowing)

Pref First Person Effect, but yeah…

I think the Suggestion understand all and i dont have extra to write this…