Double damage bugs

I upgraded my hardware and noticed I was taking a lot more damage. Like, getting hit for 100+ health damage by a single shotgun volley through toughness on my ogryn damage. At first I couldn’t figure out the causation but I think I’ve narrowed it down to one of two things:

legacy p2p code causes your game to inform the server that you’ve taken damage like a grade schooler informing the teacher they forgot to assign homework OR certain talents/passives get disabled if you toggle them around in the Meat Grinder instead of the mourningstar.

Either way turning the settings up and only adjusting talents in the mourningstar (i went with knife through butter since i’ve noticed a lot of bugs with both payback and raging bull that i’ve posted about as it doesn’t do anything to buff ogryns mid match) prevented weird damage spikes that i was getting nearly 90% of the time prior to that. Heck even towering presence started keeping me in coherency for longer.

Sorry I don’t really have any way to recreate or prove this besides feel but I’ve been playing my ogryn for nearly 300 hours now and I am starting to intuit what feels wrong, ya know?

Read this guide from royal with cheese.

Deepending on your movement you got different damage multipliers.

For example: Veteran takes double damage during sprinting :wink:

Maybe it helps out

I thought it might be related to that at first but ogryns are solid 1.0s throughout. It appears to be server tick, framerate, and talent related. Every time I change one of those to fuddle around I end up wondering what’s causing it.

Like theoretically I should have 95% damage reduction if all my teammates are dead or incapped and I’ve been hit for a ton of pure health damage in that mode (even with a 7% confident/12.5% momentum knife generating toughness) with certain talents as opposed to others. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a buff limit and the more you add to a character the stranger things get.

there is no buff limit (afaik)

rwc added the ogryn section and the damage reduction when being “downed” only counts when players are down. Waiting for respawn? (timer) => no damage reduction, respawned = no damage reduction. Only the timeframe with red life ticking, trapped, pox hound.