Double Block Bug

When I go to block the animation stops mid go and re-blocks. This has happened in game and in keep. It happened months ago and seemingly went away. It occurred yesterday 11/17/2020 and today 11/18/2020. I has happened on all kruber classes with spear and exe sword. Now I’m on sienna unchained and its happening on the flail. Restarting the client yesterday seemed to fix the issue but i shouldn’t have to do that.

Edit, it cancled out the charged attack on sienna’s machine gun staff.

Hi @Wulrik,

It sounds like a possible input issue here. Do you have a different mouse you can try using to see if the double block issue persists?

Also, are you using the SteelSeries Engine by chance?

I appreciate your reply. I did end up figuring out that it was my Logitech mouse. I suppose i should have tried that before anything. Thank you again.

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