Dotabuff but for Vermintide(Dotabuff is statistic site)

Dota has a site called Dotabuff. It’s basically wiki+gathered statistics of plays. There you can learn what hero is currently in the meta, has a greater chance to win, and\or lose, what items would help you win(with chances for every specific hero) and what skills and talents will increase your chances to win. That helps not only players, but also devs to recognize who is top dog, and who is underdog.

so i’m curious, if FS are using same way to collect data, or just see topics on forums and like “oh yeah, this weapon needs a buff”.

i would like to see something like this for V2, espically if there would be:
Hero\class win\pick in match(every or at least regular missions + bosses)
Talent win\pick rate
weapon win\pick rate
trait win\pick rate

Or just regular spreadsheet with same info


I wouldn’t say any one character/class is far superior to another on V2 except 2 classes. I would break it down into classes that perform well, average classes and classes that are not even worth taking. With the Pyro, Shade, WS, HM, IB, BH, FK, being the ones that preform the best or have the best utility. Slayer, UC, Huntsman, Zealot, RV, Merc, being average. And WHC, BW, being the two it’s not worth taking. At least that’s from my general experience trying out different talent builds and traits.

This isn’t to say you can’t out preform a HM on a Slayer for example. It’s just my opinion, that you don’t really have to do much with the classes I listed as “preform well”. You can throw a glave, sword and dagger, daggers etc on a HM and still do very well. Where as with other classes, you’re a bit more restricted on what weapons you take if you want to do well.

There are some spreadsheets that list all the weapons damage, knockback/stagger, etc. I don’t have any of the links saved, but I’m sure someone can throw them up.

i saw them. But spreadsheets are same as wiki for any game.
“Pros are become best because they remember everything that wiki has.”(sarcasm)
Understanding which weapon hit harder is good, but it’s more important to know, how good good-player operate with different weapons, talents, classes and traits. With that info you can work to balance the game. Especially when your melee based game is full of range classes.

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Ah crap, I just wasted like 10 minutes making a post in a different thread saying how important it is to have this kind of information when discussing balancing/changes.

However, to be fair, I’m not a MOBA player- is there a reverse meta pressure in those games where you are generally kicked for not picking a "meta"setup?

I’ve heard/seen a few groans when a waystalker or unchained join a legend run instead of shade or pyro and try to make an issue of it. I would imagine that might become more of a problem if there was statistical data showing shade has a significant success rate over waystalker.

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To be honest player data wouldn’t be bad but I would like to have dmg cleave stagger values first/as well.
Just like in the mined spreadsheets I used in Vermintide 1.

Maintaining something like that takes a lot of time and effort. General statistics like weapon statistics and fail rates seems doable, but any personalized data surely requires some subscription fee.

DotaBuff uses subscriptions and ads.

Really? I’ve never out preformed my WS build with my shade. Even going full try hard with daggers. The WS with hagbane and the right “power VS” items/weapons will absolutely out preform a shade at everything except killing a boss with a concentration potion. The ability to never run out of arrows from regen and ult crits always makes me take the WS over Shade every time. Even the HM with limited ammo still has enough arrows to solo any boss except for the troll.

I noticed it a lot more after this latest patch, unlocking the legend costumes for the shade felt like such a chore. Was so glad when those 13 missions were done and I could switch back HM and WS.

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Totally why we need these kind of global statistics. You may be an exceptional waystalker- or that class might be completely fine compared to shade and it’s my own perception that is inaccurate. Unless we play together and even then every match will play out with different variables.

I will say that I won’t use hyperbole and it was probably only three times out of dozens of matches since the last patch so it’s not currently a problem. In my opinion their own biases were the primary cause as I think both WS/UC are great right now.

I’m only worried about wanting to choose a class you may genuinely enjoy playing and it being de-facto soft banned from x/10 matches.