Don't rush to revive teammates!

I feel like this is just shouting into the wind, but I really want to get this message out to as many people as possible, because it’s a very frequent recurring problem in games that often leads to wipes.

Please, do not put yourself at risk to revive teammates. Always kill or heavily stagger the enemies that surround a downed teammate - especially if they are elites or specials - before reviving them. This is doubly important if they went down because of a sniper which is still there, because the sniper WILL shoot you and bring you down.

If the health of the teammate is low and you’re worried about losing them, still do not put yourself at risk. Don’t rush to revive them without ensuring you can do so safely. One dead player is always better than two.

The rush to revive comes from a good place as people always want to help, and I too often feel guilty when I am unable to revive a teammate. However, a strong element of being able to play at a high level in the Tide games is recognising when it is safe to revive teammates, how to make the situation safe if it is not, and when to recognise that a downed teammate is a lost cause.

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