Doesn't really live up to hybrid melee/ranged combat

This game really feels like it has less hybrid ranged/melee combat than the prior titles, and the main issue is that a lot of ranged weapons are way to niche, and don’t even do that much damage compared to prior titles. Tons of weapons don’t really do enough damage to put down targets at range quickly so you can continue meleeing, and many of them are not good enough to justify using over melee to clear out weaker enemies (especially on higher difficulties).

At the end of the day it just feels like tons of ranged weapons just don’t really have much of a point, and although gunplay is way better, it feels a lot less satisfying to shoot enemies.

Then theres the fact that pretty much every melee special attack for ranged weapons sucks, and you are almost always better off swapping to your melee weapon and attacking, most of the time it isn’t even any slower. And on the other hand, vermintide had proper hybrid weapons such as saltzpyres rapier + pistol that had really unique ranged attacks, without sacrificing being able to block etc.

The real kicker is some of the weapons such as bolter/helbore lasgun, that have such long equip times that they are basically useless for the one thing that melee weapons explicitly cannot do (special snipe), which makes it incredibly hard to justify using them on higher difficulties because they do not provide enough utility.

I know they wanted to move away from ranged weapons being exclusively for special sniping, but it feels like all thats really happened is they just made the ranged weapons worse and compensated that with more ammo, but that puts ranged in even more of a niche in terms of actual effectiveness. It just sucks when a lot of the time you can’t use your ranged weapon because you’d have to run out of the fight to have time to use it.

The worst is the direct comparison between the ogryns grenade launcher, and vermintide 2’s trollhammer. Sure the trollhammer only has ~7 shots, but it is absolutely devastating, meanwhile the grenade launcher in this game doesn’t do much with its aoe other than stagger people which feels inredibly underwhelming.