Does the game STUTTER now for anyone else

It hitches or something now and again and it’s not a good type of game for hitching.

It was for me after the patch, so I checked the settings and for some reason it was limiting frames to 40fps.

It happens a handful of times every mission for me. Everyone (enemies and allies) will suddenly jump 5 meters. It’s like the ping goes to 1000 for a moment, and/or the server pooping itself.

I’m getting really low frames in some spots of some maps since the patch. Places where I was getting ~100 I’m now at ~40.

if your talking about small micro stutters on loading could be a shader compile issue i noticed mine re did them all yesterday after patch maybe something happened and yours didnt?

if your talking about the rubber banding jumping back in time a few seconds thats probably a connection issue on the upload path.

Probably shader stuff just being re-compiled like after every patch. Should probably go away after few games playing. If not then meh fatshark things.

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