Does "Font of Zeal" Have any real use on Zealot?

I’m just wondering if this talent is completely obsolete on Zealot as it doesn’t really suit his playstyle, being that he sustains himself on THP and this talent won’t give the Zealot any THP whatsoever.

So is it useless on him or are there actually legit builds with this talent that people use?

I haven’t tested it but what’s the interaction with Natural Bond ?
I know some zealot players play with it as healing yourself only gives THP, which is quite handy to keep the buffs up. In this circumstance it could work, even though I don’t doubt that generating THP is preferable in any case.

It’s only useful for memeing.Zealot shouldn’t have access to Healshare in the first place just because it directly messes with his core mechanic.


except for perhaps a few ranged exceptions wouldn’t any class prefer temp hp? I use it on every character even when I am ranged heavy. And it depends on the character build (stagger heavy or kill heavy) on which THP talent I picked…

I mean even on my ranged characters, I don’t keep blasting about. It is not usefull if you hog all the ammo (though with specific ranged classes you often have decent ammo sustain) and you are the one getting pinned by a special and your team is out of ammo.

I guess I could use it on my RV since I have him build as a support character, but I still prefer building temp HP on him all be it through staggering.

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It’s only there because every career has that same talent.

Would be nice if FS redid that talent specifically for Zealot by giving him THP instead of the permanent green health.

But, people still wouldn’t take it.

That talent is mostly for new players anyways as they wouldn’t have any information on which weapons are the best for the THP talents. This way they can heal themselves and their teammates/bots and hopefully be healthy enough to finish the mission.

That’s just lazy, they should make the third talent useful, or replace it entirely with another THP talent.

It’s to help new players as they wouldn’t understand the THP talents when they are first starting out in the game.

It is useful even if it’s only for a small number of players.

Player’s won’t be new forever, what FS should do is give a proper tool tip that links them to V2 Wiki site, which explains in detail what the different THP talent does. (Total War has this system in place in game for reference.) Besides, THP on kill is self explanatory, so is cleave, I don’t think new players are so daft they can’t work that one out, the only confusing one is THP on stagger as it’s somewhat busted.

Besides, if it’s really a talent for “new players” then it shouldn’t be on careers like Engineer/GK as you’re not new by the time you unlock the last career anymore.

Are you joking? Because, no, they are not self explanatory. New players will not know which weapons will work best with which THP talents.

Not true. You have to buy the GK/Engineer careers and new players are allowed to play the new careers that they buy and they will be starting out as level one if they haven’t played those heroes at all. Afaik, there is no level lock on the paid careers.

I should also point out that the healshare talent can also be useful for players making their first jump to higher difficulty as they will most likely be healing themselves a lot.

I honestly don’t understand why you want to get rid of something that helps incoming players. No, they will not be new forever but we get new players all the time.

Are they to suffer because you think that talent is useless?

No, they shouldn’t have to suffer. They will eventually learn the game but there should always be tools accessible to new players to make their transitions more smooth.

And how exactly would this work on console?

Everyone has the right to play this game and there should be alternative talent choices especially for new players trying to learn the ropes or transitioning to higher difficulties.

We were all new at one point and therefore shouldn’t make suggestions that lock new players out entirely.

  1. I didn’t say they’d know which weapon will “work best” I said they’d understand how they gain THP on the talent. THP on kill is self explanatory you gain THP on kill. Which weapon works best on the talent is another can of worms, but it’s not really a huge issue if you’re playing recruit even a low AP weapon isn’t going to suffer on recruit compared to legend.

  2. Yeah, you’ll be healing yourself a lot if you bring heal share as you can’t sustain yourself with THP.
    Do we even know the pick rate of this talent compared to the THP ones? Is it a high pick rate or low one, and furthermore you say it’s for new players, well do you know the pick rate of this talent on difficulties such as recruit? Let’s see the data here so we know if this talent for new players is even popular among new players. I think it’s picked more by experienced players for a challenge, personally.

  3. Well, for starters you’ve not presented any proof if it’s helpful to new players or if it’s a popular pick among them, it’s just a claim you’ve made, and let’s say the claim is false and it is in fact not picked by new players, then what would be the point in keeping it when it could be replaced by another THP talent for variety?

  4. Well, as I mentioned in my edit, Total War has an information icon in game, which takes them to their wiki and it explains what the unit does, what the stat does, etc. V2 also has a wiki which explains what the healing talents do and what weapons are recommended to use. This would be a QoL change for new players, so the information they need is readily accessible to them in game.

  5. Another reason why I want the talent gone is because, THP talents are usually catered to a specific career and how it plays, and well this talent is on every career, even the Zealot, when he has no use for it, he doesn’t want to be healed. He’d have to bring NB to get any real use out of it, but that’s counter productive as NB constantly heals him. But if the talent was reworked to convert all sources of healing to THP then this perk would be a viable pick for Zealot.

They could also add a 30% increase to all sources of healing for the other careers, then it’d have real use on careers like Merc, where he’d have to sustain himself with his ult. As it stands now, it’s just kind of useless, and I don’t like the idea of having a noob perk on all careers because they might use it, but you’ve yet to present any proof on that fact.

Wow… just… wow!

I’m so glad you’re not making video games because of your complete disregard for new players.

The only “proof” I have is from personal experience. I can’t give you any other proof as I do not work for Fatshark and do not have access to the talent usage statistics. I’m seriously contemplating whether or not you’re just trolling for attention.

When my friends and I started playing, we all used healshare and it kept us all alive until we got geared up enough to try out the other talents. Recruit on launch was extremely overtuned. It was essentially nerfed twice but Recruit is still hard for level 1 players who have no experience in horde type games.

I play on all difficulties and, yes, I met lots of new players using healshare because not many people play recruit and all of their bots don’t have any talents or traits and lose a lot of health. Your bots’ hero power matches that of the host but if that host doesn’t play those heroes then those bots have no talents, no properties, no traits.

So, yes, healshare does help out a lot.

You should really be nice to new players. The more they stick around, the longer this game will continue to get supported.

If you cannot see why it’s important to have talent options for new players then I will not be responding to anymore of your posts. Without a constant flow of players, the game will suffer to survive.

Everyone please thank your local new players for picking up this amazing game in hopes they like it enough to stick around :smiley:

That’s not true, I suggested ways to make the game more user friendly by giving the access to information that explains what the talents do in game, an innovation like that would help new players, and if you’re so concerned about them, why wouldn’t you want them to have access to information that helps them understand the mechanics in the game? Makes no sense.

Besides, I didn’t say you’d have to completely get rid of it, those are your words, I just criticized it’s use on Zealot and made a buff suggestion to the talent on Zealot so it’d useful to him.

Recruit is a walk in the park, it’d only be hard for people with no game sense.
The game didn’t start getting challenging for me until we were able to play Champion, but even then I was playing Legend when I was a level 9 IB, and I was doing better than the level 20 players, much to the hosts surprise and delight.

Either way, both your point and mine are not evidence, anecdotal evidence is not proof of anything.
You cannot in good faith make a claim that “this talent is for new players” when 1. You have no proof that Fatshark made it for new players, and 2. Know if knew players even prefer to use this talent over the THP, you need proof on that. It’s dishonest to make a claim about something when you don’t actually know the truth of it.

Anyway you’re attempting to move the goal posts, this topic is not about new players it’s about the talent, furthermore your argument is a strawman as there’s no substantial proof to verify any of your claims.

You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

Also, thank you for wasting my time.

Is your best response really a cherry pick? A dishonest one at that.
How about you have some integrity and share the ENTIRE comment, to which I said: “That’s just lazy, they should make the third talent useful, or replace it entirely with another THP talent.”

The context being that the talent should be buffed so it’s useful on Zealot, and if they don’t want to, then they should remove it from his talent tree, that’s just Zealot tho, not the entire talent across all careers, stay on topic will you? Yikes.

p.s Nice cherry pick btw, ignoring my entire argument, including pointing out the flaw in your argument which is that anecdotal is not proof of anything.

You said numerous times that the talent should be removed.

It’s not an argument if you can’t even remember what you said.

I never said I had proof but my own personal experience with playing with a variety of different players across all difficulties.

Read what is written and not what you think is implied.

Except when the game launched, there was no healshare talent. What healshare originally replaced was something along the lines of “When bosses die gain health”.
Not that it matters for your overall point but this is flat out wrong.


Which as I said before, your is statement anecdotal and not proof, you do know what anecdotal means right?

Remind me again, when did I say to remove the talent across all careers?
You need to pay attention to the topic, this is about the talent on Zealot, not all careers everywhere, the talent is useless on him, and I fail to see why a useless talent should be on Zealots talent tree just because you said it’s there for the noobs, without offering any proof whatsoever that Fatshark made this talent for noobs or that noobs even use this talent on Zealot.

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