Does anyone find Darktide way too grindy?

Got to 30 with zero issue. I did it in a weekend. Probably 20 hours~. Seems very forgiving to me.

Even in Pokemon you start at lvl 5, just saying…

This is going to create a bigger issue in the short term. Low level characters are going to intentially pick higher difficulties for increased exp gains. Some seasoned players can handle this, and I like the addition of your border to include insignias or medals, but you won’t know until the end screen for some info and the overall impression might be slightly negative in the short term. Its already happening in the beta. A lot of lvl 3 diff missions have very inexperienced low lvl players (by low lvl i mean not even a perk, under lvl5).

IM doing it in my post, but i dont want players to be picked on, I worry even suggesting kicked from a lobby, simply because of their character lvl. But it is what we cant control.

Yea it already was an issue during my own leveling up process

Matchmaking needs filters

i think the pacing is not bad pretty much in line with VT2 (maybe slightly faster) BUT i have heard and it’ll be slightly frustrating is the subclasses (when they come along) will have the be leveled separate which i hope is an incorrect rumor.

Tide games have always been a grind. You grind to get to max level and unlock your talents, and then you grind for max rarity gear and perfect rolls on them.

Why DT feels like it sucks right now is 2 things:

  1. There’s not enough loot diversity often enough on the way up to 30.


  1. Without the Forge, the latter half of the grind is “do 5 sometimes really grindy tasks every week to maybe get one higher rarity item that works for your character.”

Better loot variety on the way up and more options to tweak our gear after 30 should bring it more in line with VT2.