Do the new melee weapons even exist?

Three shop refreshes so far and I haven’t seen them. Has anyone managed to get one? Funny how one of the biggest problems with the game wasn’t addressed right before it’d affect things the worst.

Then again, as Fatshark has pointed out, this large shop interface with all its choices and its scroll wheel is probably scrambling my little mind and I just can’t see the weapons.


apparently the update isn’t even actually “live” because of some backend stuff???

Its live. The perk change is in the shop to use.

Also haven’t seen the new weapon or map. Think it might be time to see what’s new for sale on steam.

Its there, my friend has a Zealot maul and is kinda underwhelmed with it.

Me I’d take a sub-300 power one off the armory, if it would show…same with shock club.

Update, I got the crusher! It sucks! Woo!

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Can you eloborate? For all of this unable to even get the frigging thing…

I have the Ogryn power maul and its pretty underwhelming as well. Can’t get the crusher to drop for zealot though

The activated strike has a new convenience mechanic where the strike continues after the discharge, so you don’t recoil on an activated strike at all. As a cost for this convenience, it does a microscopic amount of damage compared to thunder hammer’s activated strike. It also has a much more mixed combos moveset than thunder hammer. I think it’s something like push attack → heavy or light → heavy for hordes, heavy → light for single to just spam overheads. It also gets blue hitmarkers on activated strikes against armor, for whatever insane reason

I… see. Doesn’t sound amazing.

Power Maul on Ogryn has the same moveset as Sienna’s mace from VT2, just with the overhead H1 removed. It has 4 light attacks: 2 single target strikes, 1 overhead and 1 uppercut followed by 2 angled cleaving strikes of the club. The combo loops back to L3, so my club that had momentum on chain hits was absolutely printing toughness since it applied to every hit. Heavies are 2 sweeps.

When empowered there is actual use to the single target strike. It has better damage profile on most targets and does an explosion with AoE. Or you can have a Power Sword style cleaving hit that will kill a lot of horde with your heavies.

Unfortunately it has mobility overall near the shield’s level without the defense of shield. So for damnation and the like I can’t see the ogryn meta changing much, he needs to be less vulnerable to shooters. He can demolish groups and stagger elites for days with any weapon so having one niche out slightly better there isn’t much a trade.

I am actually sad Thunder Hammer heavy can’t explode like Power Maul L1/L2 empowered though.