Do power bonuses from talents go above the cap for the difficulty?

My Saltzpyre witch hunter captain has 600 power, if I use the level 10 talent that gives 15% power when the party has a grimoire in a champion difficulty map, would I actually increase that by 15% or would it do nothing since the power cap for champion is 600?

I would assume that it goes above the cap, simply because it would be a weird design choice otherwise.
Hero power level capped at 600 is to mark the maximum level and gear achieved, and to prevent lvl 30 (+300) from trivialising the game.

If the talent was included in the cap, it would essentially make that talent worthless at end game. While that often happens in games with talents (i.e X talent clearly overshadows talent Y), they try and avoid it.

Still, I can’t confirm. It’s only an assumption on my part.

They stated that abilities surpass power caps. Power caps would only affect your base power, anything that comes from talents, perks and abilities would still work. It was official statement they made on release stream yesterday.

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And you can find this on their post about Power on the forum. So yeah you’re at 690 Power with a Grim

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Thanks for the clarification guys.

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