DLSS 3 cause random crashes

Issue Type (Required):

Crash - During Play

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It looks like enabling dlss frame generation causes random crashes (1-4 per run). I tried disable all OCs, run stress tests, repair game via steam, installed all new drivers and bios updates, descreased workers count from 10 to 1.
I use dlss upscale together with frame gen, when I disable frame gen I dont see crashes at this time. Even tried put new 3.5.10 dlss dlls to binaries.
Also I have a frame cap to 238 in RTSS
PC: RTX 4080, ryzen 7600x, 32gb ram
Does anyone noticed the same issue?

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Yes, and I’ve tried disabling them

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Often (<75%)

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Steam (PC)

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console-2023-12-24-11.46.28-6f9d9917-ed93-4d72-a12b-8f128f02cfb0.log (233.0 KB)
console-2023-12-24-11.55.34-28840531-a8e7-4636-9268-2fb8adc12aea.log (243.9 KB)
console-2023-12-24-10.53.44-899c80ef-68e6-486c-9d2e-32ecfbf04acb.log (54.1 KB)
console-2023-12-24-10.56.46-82b74e97-5bc8-499e-a0fc-cb33c0c65163.log (345.4 KB)
crash_dump-2023-12-24-10.46.21-9262475c-1d39-4cbe-b918-5769ca9b8f6e.dmp (1.1 MB)
crash_dump-2023-12-24-11.46.28-6f9d9917-ed93-4d72-a12b-8f128f02cfb0.dmp (1.3 MB)
darktide_launcher.log (599.4 KB)

Yeah, problem is definetly in dllss 3. Now played >5 hours without a single crash.

I’ve shared this with our Engine Developers. Thank you for letting us know.

Enabled today frame generation in didnt see any crashes. Looks like problem fixed by new nvidia drivers or game patches