Disconnection from game multiple times

Crashed and disconnected from game lobby twice and gave me an error code of 2001 and 2006 the 2nd time.

console-2023-07-18-02.04.22-21707328-a8ae-45d3-8a3f-acf036d82b80.log (679.5 KB)

console-2023-07-18-13.41.25-3421e525-5bc1-4962-9934-e685d017b0f2.log (806.9 KB)

2001 error code and 2006 on the 2nd time

Unsure of how to reproduce

train station assassination level



4am BST

Unsual rate of reproduction.

With this crash, I have turned off HDR and turned the worker threads to 1, from 4 previously. It has worked in not giving me the usual crashes (2014 being very prominent) I had during the previous games. But now I’m getting 2001 error code crashes and one crash to desktop now, which I have already made a seperate topic for.

I have added another log which I had another crash which, again, I disconnected for and had to rejoin my team.

I have already verified the cache, played without mods, turned shadowplay off, even played with my mobile hotspot active. This last one somewhat helped but it wasn’t enough as I still crashed once, possibly due to the hotspot wifi being less reliable than broadband wifi. I had a slightly overclocked MSI afterburner active but unsure if that would affect my game in any way. It was previously slightly OC’d but not to a massive degree. I will play using it at base clock and not OC’d on anything.

Thank you for letting us know. Am I correct in saying you regularly experience either Error Code: 2014, but more recently 2001 and 2006 has become a recurrent issue for you?

what does send_character_eor_complete means? it is reason of the disconnection.

does eor means end of round? or end of resource? as in spot instance

Yes, I have turned down the worker threads to 1 and my pc temperature has gone down to around 88c, whereas before it was higher at 93c and I would have higher instances of diconnecting. I do have slightly less frames but I understand this is a consequence of less threads so I don’t mind this. Now I have done this, I have had 2001 slightly more and the 2014 less often; 2014 one was practically every game at least twice when an enemy was spotted.

I have made the above adjustments of verifying cache, with and without mods, turning off shadowplay, vsync on and off. I’ve even turned off HDR on my PC thinking it may affect my display of the game. I have also put my MSI afterburner program to baseline levels and no OC present and had no change in occurance of crashes. So I have still had a crash or 2 but not as often by far than it was before. 2006 has occured every now and then but more recently, probably on average 1 out of 7 games I will get that one.

Here are 2 more logs that I had crashes in. One had an error code 2014 and one had an error code of 2006. And this is after I had a fresh install of darktide, as I decided to reinstall the game to see if that would help things.

console-2023-07-18-23.42.39-47948e1a-36cc-47e3-8482-6ad5531849df.log (556.0 KB)
console-2023-07-19-01.12.35-2441718d-132c-4df6-bed2-81ff6de022f3.log (606.4 KB)

Here is a log of where I crashed 3 times in the last game, twice during the game and once at the end when it sent me back to the character selection. All of them were the 2014 error code too.
console-2023-07-20-16.12.46-c3cdd2f2-43d4-47eb-a6aa-efb0b591ae85.log (990.0 KB)

I’ve had to share this with our developers, and I hope to have a response for you soon.

There is a lot of mod spam in the logs, so it would be particularly helpful if you could play a session with mods disabled, and upload the associated console log. :slight_smile:

Hi Julia. Apologies for the mod spam, I didn’t know they would cause such havoc with the logs.

But oh boy, do I have a juicy, packed console log for you.
Multiple crashes per game, with a large scattering of 2001 and 2014 error codes between about 5 or 6 games, all without mods.
I purposely played about 6 games on different difficulties and on different types of missions to get a good sampling of crashes. Of which there were quite a few. So I hope you will warn your developers about this because there are quite a few things to look over.

console-2023-07-21-19.39.48-50dfdcb6-c8e2-44a3-88f4-a541cd6ae323.log (1.7 MB)

Here is another console log. Strangely, I only got crashes on assasination missions. When I played the water level where you need to flush the system at the end, I didn’t have a crash at all. Nor did I have one on Eclavum Baross. But I crashed maybe 5 times on the 2nd game and on the last one, I crashed maybe 3 times, most of them 2014 error code. All without mods again.

console-2023-07-23-01.06.34-e085357b-2648-4703-a982-ff42e34fa74a.log (777.7 KB)

Hi Juila, it’s me again, the thorn in your side.

I was talking to another person in a game and they told me about something that has helped me with crashing less. It is to do with the portrait UI. I’ve turned them off and I’ve not had a proper crash since doing this. I will attach a console showing the crashes I had in one particular game (FIVE in total) and then the next 2 games when I had turned the portrait UI off; it helped to negate me crashing. Very strange work around but it seems to have done it’s job. I will play more matches and see if it works.
console-2023-07-23-22.49.08-d98eba0f-68e1-4fad-ad45-4bfb7f7580d0.log (888.6 KB)

That’s interesting! Usually, the Portrait Rendering produces GPU-related crashes, but I understand a lot of your issues have been producing more network-related symptoms. I recommend continuing to play with it disabled, and I will let our developers know about your experience, as it might point us in the right direction.