Different events happening during missions

For now, the game feels scripted. You go to point A to point B, and the only events that triggers and put pressures are either selected when u jump into a mission, like power out / hunting grounds / High Low Intensity / Bosses.

Id say to integrate them randomly during a mission. The player choose a difficulty level, and thats it. When he arrives in the mission what may happened could be one of those events and he could actually do something about it

For instance: i select a Damnation mission. Ive got random cues from lines of npcs that we hear in the background of the hub that there are some power supply issues, or Heretic activity is on the rise. But u cant see that in the mission selection. However, when you get into the mission, at any time, power supply fails. And the players can do something about it: going restoring the power as a side quest that would allows them, if they choose so, to get the power online backup. Same for the hunting ground, at some points, the hounds howls, so you know there will be poxhounds. Players would have to find and defeat a mini boss, like a master or an Alpha pox hounds to stop the even. If its a high intensity zone: find the source, weild the door, blow up a bridge, defeat a mini boss.

  • ALL that happens normally during the missions: hordes, normal bosses, incredible amounts of chaos ogryns etc etc.

Summed Up: Id say that the missions could be more dynamic and rewarding if a dynamic events could be prevented or nailed as a side quest objective that may or might not appears. It would add more depth deft? depht ? to the gameplay and the renewability of it.
Point A to point B is in itself simple and efficient. Point A, to point A.1 cause of X’ to point B in order to complete Objective.
The only choice we have to do or not to do atm when playing is picking up grims/ scriptures and fight DH.

Dont get me wrong, on damnation, the difficulty with randoms grps of ennemies popping is already a very nice strain on the strike team. It already feels hardcore enough in some situations. Pace can go from walk in the park to where the***** did i put my glasses ?

in case you are thinking what im thinking right now that is: implementing some mmorpg stuff in the game, its not the case. well a tiny bit. But most importantly, more dynamism and player choices based challenges during the missions. As it feels in the cutscene with the veterans.

As such, each class could have a special talent, as a passive, or an active ability to ease going through those random events. Preacher could localize scriptures easier, with appropriate lines (like cold and hot game we were playing as children) when he gets near one. Psyckers with the grimoires or increase in the warp that signify that there is a boss or something else somewhere. Veteran with the actual mapping of the area to find power areas, or source of high intensity/ poxhounds, and Ogryns could smell medipacks and ammocrates as “rations”. Could be leveled up, to decrease the time (pace) of completing those side objectives. imo that would improve teamplay as a whole. And also increase the game intensity when the strike team is composed with 3 templars and one psycker for instance.

thanks for reading.


Also: make it possible to add trinkets to armors.