Random events in Missions

How about some random events in the mission to get some more variety.
Mission Fort Brachsenbrücke. With a 25% chance there could be some survivors of the destroyed convoy. As soon as you get to the position of the 2. Tome they spawn in the cave under the bridge and get attacked by some enemies. These survivors could be some kind of tanky foot soldiers who don’t deal much damage but can take a beating. If you are to slow they get killed by the enemies. If you save them you get the option to escort them to the fort. To prevent the mission from getting too easy with the additional companions, there could be more elites in the following hordes. I guess even two bosses at the same time could be possible. Depends on how strong the survivors are. If you manage it to escort them to the fort You get additional exp at the end of the mission. If you don’t want to escort them they will just stay in their hidding.

Why i would like this?
It would add more diversity to the missions.
Also you would finally get the feeling that you are not the only one who is fighting against the chaos^^.

This is just one example of many random events that could be implemented.
Of course the AI often gets stuck right now, so that might be a reason not to implement my idea but i hope this gets fixed anyway^^
Also the survivors could get teleported to your position if they really get stuck like your other compagnions already do.


This sounds like a good idea. I had the same feeling in the first game, that the 5 heroes are the only ones fighting the baddies^^
While it is always good to have more variety, I’m not too sure about it being optional. Of course optional parts are good since lazy/fast players are able to skip certain sections, but I think that it wouldn’t fit the heroes to leave civilians behind. One option would be to reward the players generously so they are more inclined to do it.

I’m not a fan of “extra xp” for anything, but I love the idea of optional objectives. Perhaps escorting them to the fort would mean the event gets slightly easier - like not having to fetch the cannon ball. Maybe one of them could unlock a storage container for extra supplies etc. Each one you save would get you a slight bonus along the way, perhaps a shortcut/alternate entrance into the fort.

I’m a little surprised they didn’t add an event-based grimoire into the game. Rather than a jump/switch puzzle, they could just have a caged troll with a grimoire in its pen.

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