Different Castle Decoration?

Does anyone know how to change the decoration in the fortress? the fortress of other players look different, by that I mean the decorations.
My looks empty, barren and always the same. (see pictures)
What I found out so far is that the stature you only get when you have the Collectors Edition, is also there when you approach the stature.
But the other decorations are also without stature and I asked a player who has the normal edition of the game and decoration was already like that?
I’ve already unlocked all heroes except Elven.
All story missions unlocked and even a Lvl 30 hero.
I try everything host game…restart…switch hero…
The fortress looks so boring empty, especially with the two NPCs who have no use in the game …
If anyone knows how to change the decoration or how it’s done, I would be very happy about the help.

Thats the Decorations i mean:

Statue of Sigmar is part of collector’s edition. Actually has a prompt for that if you walk up to it. Armory and living quarters are upgraded as individual characters gain levels.

You mean the Privat Quarters but thats are in other locations in the Castle, the pictures are in the Hall.
I have a LVL 30 Dwarf but nothing changes, my other Heroes are lvl 12-15 and unlocked. Only the Elve is LVL 7.
The Hammer and Shield in the Picture looks like the Dwarfs weapons, my Dwarf is Max LVL 30.

The bedrolls in the main hall disappear when you get the relevant Hero above level 10 - it gets replaced by their room in the keep.

I think the Equipment room just gets bigger when you play enough/level enough.

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