Did anyone payed atention that game just dont give any accessories

like legit.
so far i was able to unlock 4 of them but they never apered in my invetory.

as a pleb that have 0 plans to spend extra money for your lazy store in the game that still not finished i will be rly happy if this bug will be fixed

What sort of accessories? One of the things you get for penances is hidden away in the weapon cosmetics screen, little golden icon at the top center of the screen. The result is unimpressive, but it’s there.

i finished the line of defence and atack missions and got one item for each of them + i got another item for some another pack of penances based in kills as well.

game even showing them when they unlocked

What kind of item though? Frame? Ribbon? Outfit? Trinket? They’re all somewhere in cosmetics.

Also, the 5-part penances unlock items at only one or two of the parts. I mean, maybe it’s a bug, this game has plenty, but there haven’t been people complaining.

Oh, I am sure there will be accessories available in the premium store for you to buy with monopoly money.

could be wrong the backpack goes into that slot right? so if its the only Accessoire currently its indeed pay walled

Oh, the backpack slot! There was one given to all Beta players as part of that cosmetic set. Never seen one as any kind of reward.

@Skorj nope its part of the “imperial Edition” not a Beta Reward

Ahh, I wondered what I got for that. :laughing: Glad it wasn’t just the cash shop tokens, given how ugly all that stuff is.

the mostly fun part is that you will get a free one as well when you will lvl up your first char to lvl 30 as well.

i remember when i see a picture of unquision item i was wondering what was that :smiley:

so yea…