Deflectors have no effect on the two new psychic weapons

Deflectors have no effect on the two new psychic weapons
It looks like it’s because of the two new psychic weapons, because the BUG itself comes with a deflector, and this self-contained deflector overrides the effect on the blessing, I guess

When I do not carry the blocking gain attribute, only the deflector (N%) is compared, where (N%) does not take effect at all, without any blocking gain effect

When I changed to a deflector with blocking gain (9%), there was still no effect

One more thing, the last mentioned weapon blocking gain on the blocking ineffective problem, it seems to have been fixed, thanks to the fatshark

But w I want to ask, this blocking efficiency 20%, is really 20%?

3 12% jewelry when blocking 5 difficult shotgun, 22.72%

3 12% jewelry + 20% weapon, block 5 difficulty shotgun, 20.44%

I thought the formula might look like this
(1-12%) X (1-12%) X (1-12%) = 0.681472
That means blocking benefit = 31.85%
(1-12%) X (1-12%) X (1-12%) X (1-20%) = 0.5451776
That means blocking benefit = 45.48%

But this 45.48% and 31.85%, the actual effect of only 2% difference in heat?

Or is there something wrong with my calculation formula?

20% block gain effect with weapon only

Without any blocking effect

6 layer psychic passive, with 10-2 reduction, I always thought this skill is multiplying stacking, did not expect it is actually additive

Speaking of which, can you add a blocking class blessing to Ogryn’s shield? Now O’Green’s shield is almost meaningless, and can not even z block the enemy through their own body models, blocking in the doorway will have the enemy through to attack the teammates behind them
For example, increase the blocking range from 180° blocking on the front to 270° blocking
Or increase the area of blocking to form an illusory shield wall effect that allows teammates bullets to pass through but enemies can’t get through kind of.

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