Dedicated servers

<---- me waiting


Ever since the devs changed the way that ping is calculated, my lag has increased tremendously rendering the game unplayable.

I had no prior problems with such high lag and they have the audacity to accuse me of having internet connection issues. I’ve had the same internet with the same speed for the last 3 years!

Fix your damn game!

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It very well could of been a change your ISP made. I’ve actually had something similar happen to me back in Bermuda. Company had my Internet set to PPoE when they had switched to PPtP for faster speeds… so I got all kinds of packet loss and so on. Was a nightmare but it only effected battlefield 4, other games ran fine.

Either way, if they haven’t done a patch or any changes. It’s normally a good idea to do some tests on your side. You never replied to my other post. But you can use command prompt to test your packet loss and ping.

Dedicated servers are not going to help you at all if it’s an ISP or hardware problem.


This game has online issues period. It needs dedicated servers. Its not the isp its the game online code.

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