Dear Devs - Initial Beta Feedback

First of all, the positives. The game has quality experience factors, I don’t typically like grinding but i find myself wanted to grind the next mission here. Combat is very solid, melee feels very good like VT and the weapon firing and hitbox detection for headshots and such feels comfortable to me. I also like the revolving mission panel. I like where this game is starting.

Some real serious change recommendations:

  1. Keybindings:
    Generally you should expose everything. Hardcoding I for inventory is going to be problematic for someone regardless of how unlikely. You get no developer benefits, managing and exposing 96 keybindings and having 4 hardcoded is not easier than just managing the 100. It also puts your code prone to bugs you cant detect (when you change behavior somewhere in the game relying on keybindings to translate and you forget something is hard coded). Just expose this stuff.
    Also, don’t combine things into a single bind. Just because two things will never happen at once (aiming down sights will never happen when you are melee blocking) but they shouldnt have to be the same key. I play ALT=ADS and RMB=Block, so now you are forcing me to re-learn my ADS (which i dont think i can do) or re-learn Block (which I’m living with but hate). Other games don’t force this, why would you?

  2. Crashes
    Get this &*^%& figured out. A game this scale shouldn’t be crashing 10 times a day for this many people. I get how the 4billion PC configs mean some folks with wonky conditions (old PCs, bad hardware configs, bad drivers, etc) are going to crash and you cannot prevent. I play daily with 3 people and all 4 of us have brand new PCs with 3090s that crush every other game out there on ultra settings without a single crash. I can’t remember the last crash i had in the hundreds of VT hours on this pc. Every one of us is crashing 10x per gaming session. This is a major issue.

  3. Private Lobbies
    If you are going to have a game crash every 5mins, allow me to make it private. Last night we spent 30 mins votekicking rando pubs joining our lobby with your quickplay process so that our friends who kept crashing could try and get back in the squad fast enough between pubs. i mean how hard is it to toggle a lobby to use quickplay/pub or not and just fill with bots. It is like this is the first game you developed. Learn from the prior titles please.