Deamonhost not really skippable


It´s right after the first even on the Hab Dreyko map, when you´re able to walk down the stairs to a medstation.
It´s only possible to skip if it´s still on the ground and the group as a whole moves fast together to bypass as long as it “wakes up”. If one player is behind the group or the DH already flies around, then there is no way to get around it.

Hi, there’s two floors that allow you progress to the next section, you can go right and down by the med station or go left and up to the floor above the med station. Both routes lead to a drop into the next section, and the daemonhost will only appear by one. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

It sadly doesn´t work like that.
The DH sits pretty much in front of me on the picture. The whole group comes from the right. The first stairs to the medstation are on the left and the 2nd ones are behind me, but there is no 2nd way to them, because in the middle of the room is a fed hole and the rest is blocked.

Dunno if you´ve found another way i miss so. But thanks for your caring.

By memory, this is the layout of the area. My proportions are off a bit and the pillars might be differently spaced, but this is my from memory 5 minute mock up.

Green is possible DH spawn, only 0-1 will ever spawn.
Black dot is pillar.
Big black square is the pit.
Red is the route you take through this area.
Blue is the two sets of stairs to the next section.

Yes that´s the area. The DH spawned pretty much at the end of the red arrow. No chance to avoid it, neither by moving left or right, unless it´s still on the ground and the group moves “cuddled” together asap.
It´s just already pulled on my picture and baited down the stairs.

Be a man and kill it for the Emperor