Deadshot Talent is pointless

Vet keystones are a big no for me
And scattershot I use it. For the first shot, I prefer to have +25%. Cause, if you know how it works, you know that you need to hit several targets to get the bonus.
I don’t restrict my use of the shotgun to horde clearing. And if 1 shot / 3 (Deadshot 25% + +5 % ranged critical chances perk) are cleaving that’s not the same than waiting an horde to have chance to see man stopper triggering.
Here with this template I get 30% base. 12% per enemies hit, the average number is 4. So, I have78% chances to get a cleaving shot.
Removing Deadshot talent would lower these chances to only 53%… Maybe for you it means nothing, for me it means I can actually get cleaving (critical) 3 shots / 4 when meeting an horde, against 1 /2 without it.
This talent is not pointless.

For this test, why did you spawn so many enemies? Your conclusion of toughness damage → stamina assumes that every single enemy shooting at you, in that moment, hit. Since there’s so many enemies, it’s hard to tell if a successful dodge was registered. Those extra enemies are just extra variables interfering with the test.

I think the game is reasonably strict on what constitutes a successful dodge, but Ghost’s ranged damage immunity has shown itself to behave like dodge in the past. I don’t know if that’s changed, but I don’t think outright dismissing it based on a flawed test is reasonable.

Personally, I ignore the talents on the final tree, there isn’t really anything worth getting. In the old tree combing damage to elites and ogyrns was good, but now they put the talents on separate trees, so I just ignore it.

The problem with the final tree is they don’t offer a specialized role just generic boons. Well except for the far right tree which has a melee centered gameplay style focus but I don’t usually run melee builds.

Take Iron Will and VoC → more toughness and TDR → more shots you can take → more stamina you can regenerate

And again, Deadshot is a niche talent, it’s great for DMR-style guns cause of damage per shot and for guns with side effects like Infernus blessing cause you need to stack crits.

This test doesn’t include duck and dive talent but true i wasn’t getting myself hit while out of toughness on those recording, might have forgotten, oh well

Yes it’s niche, all the perk who synergize aren’t on the same branch, i was enjoying using with Executionner stance back then, now i can’t simply because it stop working at 0 stamina, that’s the main problem i have with this talent

Another VoC focused path, overshadowing the other Abilitys

Not rly, it’s just cause ET is bugged currently. Overall idea is clear you regain stamina from absorbing shots while you have toughness, means you need some TDR and toughness generation.

Most of the time Deadshot provides enough damage boost to deal with specials waves, and in gunfight you can regenerate stamina anyway. I use it in combo with MG la+Infernus+Deadly Accurate blessings sometimes (don’t have Shroud-level aim for utilizing Headhunter blessing full potential) when i want just chill&pew-pew.

I also would like that it doesn’t stop to work at 0 stamina…
But, I can adapt to it (but, it is annoying)

I kind of like and hate Deadshot, but mostly i just skip it.

I forgot to reply sooner…

I feel like I’m being dumb, but where are the small bursts of stamina coming from? Looking at it again, I see you getting like 15% stamina occasionally (which I mistook for Duck and Dive).

Re: it’s placement, I think it’s reasonable - if all the skills that synergise are close together, then you never have to make any tradeoffs to get maximum value out of something - this is separate to the fact that Veteran’s talent point budget is extremely tight at the month.

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