Daylight savings time quest board error

the quest board drops new quests daily at 10 am GMT (aka london) time.

each time the time shifts an hour forward or back (aka daylight savings time) the quest board doesnt drop the quests at the proper time.

i realize its not a big deal, happens only 2x a year, and no one dies from it. however, i wasnt aware if you all (the devs) know…

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Hey - yeah we use UTC for our quest board in Vermintide 1 - this is a time which never changes with the seasons, which adversely causes the reset time to move with daylight savings. It’s a feature, so to speak, as opposed to a bug :wink:

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One day we will all use UTC… or maybe destroy our own planet before that.

i hadnt realized it was uct. id thought gmt. makes sense to me and tyvm for clarifying it :slight_smile:

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