Darktide Suggestion Mega Thread!

Hey, was thinking it’d be good to get a suggestion thread going.

  1. Character Renames:
    Sometimes the name you chose way back when isn’t doing it for you anymore. Let us change it in the customization area.

  2. Savable Specs:

  3. Cosmetic Bundles:
    I know that you’re doing it to support the game, I get that. But when you make a Krieg bundle and you leave out the good looking helmet for another 1400 Aquillas, it sort of makes me not want to buy any. It’s transparently cash grabby. Make a premium set a premium set and include everything. I’m not spending 25CAD (about 20USD) for a full compliment of gear. And I’ve bought gear before.

Anywhoo, just my thoughts, others feel free to tear it apart, and or add to the thread! :smiley:

There are 5 loadout slots for each character already in the game though?

Well, I gotta be completely missing it. Or there’s something up with my client.

Press I in hub to open your character menu. Look to the top right corner for a + sign you can press to add loadouts.

loadout have been in the game for months now, check top right when opening the inventory, there should be a “+” button.

(Btw, you can change the loadout number for an icon by right clicking on it).

Oh, it’s so tiny. That’s my fault! :smiley:

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