Darktide devs are worrying about the wrong things

I believe that the devs are focused on the wrong topics. they are following the mob online and nerfing everything instead of buffs which will please more people. they make the weapons worse because someone online said its not fair. now i have weapons i put 8+ hours farming resources and upgrading till i got the right weapon stats with the right blessings. then it gets nerfed and all the time i spent gaining that weapon is gone and i have to start over. they want me to remove a blessing im using to have my power sword have the same game experience i had before, that feels aweful and i don’t appreciate the lake of concern for my time. honestly it feels like if something becomes popular they nerf it instead of making other items better. this is a pve game so balance isn’t the top priority. CONTENT! this game has been out to long for the amount of additional content we have received. why should a player want to keep playing once they’ve got through the content in the game. in the pve world that’s all that matters! we had an aweful launch and the content we’ve gotten was just that was promised months berfore. I think that this company is stretched out tooo much between darktide and vermintide they don’t have the work ethic to set deadlines and goals to keep the player base interested. do you have any thoughts of what the darktide devs are ignoring?


Yet another story of self-harm.


It´s still funny at annoying to read simultaneously.

No personal offense, i just don´t get where poeple like you are coming from…

Why do you keep farming stuff so badly? Because a perk is fun? OR because it´s the most powerful?
It´s not like other perks / blessings whatever are useless or that the weapon you´ve put some hours in to find is suddenly unplayable. It´s just YOU being like "Mäh it got nerfed, it´s useless now because there is another meta-choice well claimed by an online-“majority.”.

Dunno… would you enjoy me in your game cheating, teleporting through the map or one-shotting everything? I mean… aren´t cheats for more power irrelevant, because it´s a PvE game? Who cares, free win and so?

The only reason why games, yes even tabletop and sports work, are rulessets and balancing. And as suprise to everyone, we´ve 5 YES FIVE, NUMBER FIVE difficulties + modifiers to go through and to suit our personal skilllevel and enjoyment. (Which is already underdeveloped and outscaled by gear so…)
Are some tweaks needed? Yes… But is the stuff reasonable you and many others have claimed before in kind of balancing? Not really…

EDIT: But yeah, instead of pointless buffs over buffs, i would like to see content aswell. Agree on that.


Yeah, no. Most changes since release have been buffs. You can probably count all “major” nerfs on one hand.


Going to guess this is entirely because of the Power Sword, because the Flamer is still strong. In which case it needs tweaking but it did need a nerf.

Also in most teams balance and content creation are different sections and don’t take resources from each other.

Balance is important in coop pve games when 1 person’s weapon choice can trivalize encounters or missions for the whole team.


weapon nerfs and buffs aside why they heck do they keep nerfing the enemies when we’re all complaining the game is too easy?

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tbf they’re mainly bringing outliers down (e.g. 1-hit toughness breaking Shotgunners) and fixing jank (e.g. dogs).


Because some people don’t find janky disabler enemies as fun difficulty

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You honestly think Pox hounds sucking you back in after you dodge or Poxbursters ignoring a push because they were tickled already is acceptable?

I’m talking about Muties. (and not just the way they accidentally broke them).


  1. Shotgunners
  2. Shooter damage
  3. enemy aggro range

I mean, fine, shotgunners were a bit too strong but I thought it was fun. Shooters weren’t so oppressive that I was losing damnation games. Enemy aggro was nerfed so hard that I can shoot at some dudes and watch a group within 10 feet just keep chatting.

What nerfs are you talking about?

Shooters? That’s quite the old hat to pull out considering you said they “keep nerfing”.

Something in the current patch?

  1. Mutants:
    Stuff about them taking wild turns.
    → Fine with me. This is fixing janky behavior.`
    You can argue to the increase from 3 to 3.5s upon hitting a wall for stun, but that doesn’t seem very significant to me nor do I care for it.

  2. Dogs:
    They have gotten lag compensation.
    → This one was extremely necessary, as they were extremely inconsistent.

  3. Poxbursters
    Reset Stagger immune during lunge animation
    → This one is merely supposed to prevent some lightbulb on your team blowing you up by shooting a burster you are already about to push

  4. Decreased downtime for spawns during hunting grounds so that the dogs get to coincide with other spawns, which iirc is something you wished for a while back.

So where is the issue?

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I am all for improving the readability and reliability of enemies. So dogs and bursters changes are welcome. But the muties were already reliable. Their turn radius was a charming but absolutely manageable feature of their behavior and the stun time is obviously a flat nerf.

Now I am not arguing that jank should be maintained for the sake of artificially maintaining difficulty but as janky things get fixed, compounding with small enemy nerfs, the game will get easier. When I boot up a PvE game like this I want the game to beat the hell out of me and give me a fairly solid chance of losing despite my (at the time) best efforts. That’s where the fun lives. I’d like to see things get harder, not easier. BUT more reliable is good, even though it makes things easier.

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I get you wanting the game to be difficult and I do to, but I also think it’s important that the aspects of the game can be mastered. Jankyness cannot be mastered. Removing such makes the game easier, but it is also not the kind of difficulty I enjoy. Shock Troop Gauntlet for instance is not difficult or interesting because of jankyness, but because it throws more stuff at you that makes you manage your attention.
Bottom line if the game gets too easiy - and I recognize that for some it has already even with the highest content available - then we need to up the spawns.


The game needs a sixth difficulty that doesn’t have low/high intensity variants. Other modifiers are fine.

You are correct that the way things stand, bug fixes, quality of life changes, and balancing changes can make the game significantly easier as a side effect. The solution is to add a new difficulty, not avoid improving the game to artificially preserve difficulty.


I completely agree. I just don’t see the changes to mutie (once they are fixed) as anything other than a nerf. They weren’t janky before in my view. Except the ocasional circular spin which was rediculous, sharp turns were a fun and very flavorful way to make them dangerous.

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The PS is still good it’s just not broken like before. It’s still the Vets strongest melee weapon in my opinion.


Because upset average Joes don’t buy cosmetics. I’m sure Fatshark will find their happy balance in a year or two. Hopefully this will mean weapon and enemy balance around Damnation+ gameplay.

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And when everything will be so easy that there is no interest to play it… what do we do?

I started with malice. I asked here advice to survive in heresy. Now, heresy is… easy for me. I play damnation normal and sometimes I pick an high intensity one. I guess that soon I will pick high intensity as often I can.

You can play something more easy and where your guns will be really good. We cannot get something harder.
While I would agree that they buff a weapon that really need it (like adding more ammos to a weapon), I strongly disagree that they should buff every weapons when they can balance a too strong weapon by one nerf instead of buffing 20 weapons.

Also, I won’t start again to explain why we need to balance weapons… I will make it short.
In a mission there are 4 players. If someone kill more than the 3 others, there is one that takes fun, 3 that would be bored.

If a weapon is too strong, it needs to be balanced…
The only thing they have nerfed too much are… the enemies.
They have just, in this patch, emasculated mutants… poor mutants. It feel merciful to kill them now…

Hmm… question. Why?
If you plan to pick the new too strong weapon, you will run in disappointment again…

I share the same opinion.

not for now… and if they add a 6th difficulty, it has to be something so hard that you would fail more times than completing it.

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Mutie is pretty much near impossible to dodge if you’re around any kind of corner since he’ll insta turn and grab you, ignoring your dodge input. that’s the thing that really need to be fix.

Other than that he’s mostly fine. The nerf to his usual behaivior is just unneeded.

they have nerfed the perma dodge aspect of knif and pistol (and buffed it a bit back afterward the power sword and the flamethrower.

they have buffed:
all weapons with solide ammo
all guns
thunder hammer
all the chain weapons
force swords
the psyker
the ogryn
ripper guns
heavy stubber
plasma gun
two feats for the zealot and two for the sharpeshooter
some axes
ogryn shotgun
more I might not remember…

And I’m not even talking about ennemis nerfs

They are clearly aren’t set on nerfing thefun out of the game, they nerfed the two most used weapons in the game for their class. (and should considere changing the way the PS is nerfed IMHO) and buffed pretty much every thing else one to three time.

The lock system mixe really poorly with balance patch but they clearly aren’t nerfing anything that become popular, sharpshooter wasn’t nerfed, neither was bolter, etc…