Darkmass - All your Darktide Wiki Needs!

Hi, all we have just finished our first round of development on our Darktide site!


Current Features:

  • Weapons Database (All weapons and Subtypes for the whole of the game, with the cleanest images on the net)
  • Curio list and information
  • Class information
  • Community-integrated discord server
    -Discord login integration to play into our future plans (See below)


  • General Wiki Enhancements (More data etc)
  • Create Build Editor and Build Viewer
  • Build out the Account System (Discord Account Integration)
  • Build out a Darktide API (Allowing anyone to use Darkmass to build their own systems)
  • Breakpoint Calculator (Allows you to see how much damage you do at a certain breakpoint)
  • Deep dive into the game files and convert all unknown numbers into interactive guides
  • Complete work on Darkmass (Darktide Wiki Bot For Discord Servers)
  • Create out Discord Integrated Strike Team Creator (Find people to play with through Darkmass Automatically)
  • Complete Cosmetic Collection List
  • Gather better quality media for all images of the game and create interactive showcase media elements
  • Integrate with content creators to unify a source of great Darktide content
  • Filter between different platforms for information on all platforms and the state of the game
  • Expand information on all collectable locations
  • Build out a blog system to allow top content creators to create and share guides
  • Automatically pull in steam-created guides into Darkmass to share with the wider internet
  • Community collection of data, allows the community to collate information that goes through an approval system to be displayed on the site
  • Convert in-game inventory and view in-site with test software being created (Early Stages)

Any feedback is much appreciated, we are also looking for anyone to help us collate better quality images to the ones that are on google from other sites (these are very low quality, but the best we have got for now)


I guess it was time to call it quits eh? Can I ask why? Loved the site.

They already said why in the discord. Basically the game died after 3 months of ‘crafting in December’, no one donates to keep the site running so why bother with it. Plus Fat Shark only partnered with Games Lantern who haven’t updated their Darktide info in ages so once again their apathy pushed away dedicated fans. Sad!