Dark tide weapon lore

So i know im likely not the first nor will i be the last but maybe by a stroke of luck I’ll get an answer or some insight into this topic.

The weapon lore. Honestly a harmless and extremely charming aspect of the weapon inspection that we lost when the new and approved weapon inspects and attack breakdowns came out about a weak before launch

I know why it was changed, the entire discord was in flames roaring in disappointed and outrage about simple bars and the lack of detail.

That issue has been solved for the most part the only folk i see complaining are the ones that can’t be bothered to use context clues.

But personally i miss the little lore tidbits and I’ve had a handful of folks in the discord agree with me.

Someone, somewhere, put love and work into those short descriptions and backstory, and to see them removed overall makes the game more well gamey, it helped get you get into the spirit of things when you read that THIS ripper gun fired bird shot to increase range but the program would be dropped because eventually it would become a glorified club.

Or that this style of sword was half hollowed out and filled with mercury to make it lighter. They where charming and i miss them, all i hope for is some insight to the future of weapon lore in darktide :heart: