Daily quests should still give Emperor's Chests alongside shillings

In you suggestion: 350 Shillings per week for the weeklies + 70 Shillings per week for the daily. At 5 Shillings per chest that would be 84 Emperor Chests per week… That seems a bit crazy to me, to be honest…

It’s just more mindless typical fatshark grind to keep you busy while they desperately cobble together some new content noone wants or asked for.



Apr. 2020 feedback: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vermintide/comments/fy6df8/how_is_5_shillings_a_day_still_a_thing/

Just need to vent a bit because I really don’t get how this is still around. You would think that it would have had some change by now with the number of people who complained about the daily champion chests being gone, but no. I get that they don’t want to give away too many shillings so that people have something to do for months to come, but the least they could do is bump it up to 15 so that we get 105 a week if we do them every day over the laughable 35 a week that it’s at now.

As someone who dropped the most cosmetics from legend runs and bogenhafen chests (before WOM), this money is useless to me. For every DLC I get plenty of coins, so I could buy orange or blue skins I didn’t have, and now I do daily and weekly for some money I can’t use. At least from daily chests I had chance to drop another red for dust. But this is only minor problem for this game, because it’s dying. It lack content, and adding scoreboard for co-op game is waste of time. Random waves? Wow … it’s like a bones instead of full dinner, really, they’re not even random, so you might feel cheated as well. This chests problem only gives you headache, but players are focused on them instead of real problems. I hope you manage to do something that will ressurect this game once again, and I’m saying it out of love for that game.


The coins are utterly useless already. If only we had actual skins to spend them on, not absolutely pointless recolors… Same goes for majority of weapon skins. Just a bit of purple glow isn’t that awesome.

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Some more feedback on the daily quest shillings:

the more cosmetics they add, the more annoying the shilling rewards become

5 shillings for a daily is actually offensive

The problem for me isn’t that you get shillings; it’s the fact you get so little for the dailies. 5 shillings? Are you actually kidding me? That’s not worth it at all. Just give us back the chests if you’re going to be so stingy with your shillings.

I feel compelled to remark that once they gave us the 5 shilling dailies they raised the prices of the items accordingly. So it’s an insult in more ways than one: you are actually grinding to get even.


I want the chests back, but I would accept both. Emperor chests have a low but still appreciable drop rate for red items (better than commendations) and I still don’t have the complete set.

I also agree that 5 shillings is essentially worthless compared to the prices. It would have to be raised to 10, maybe 20 to be “worth” the time it takes to do them.