Curse of castle drachenfels xbox1/ps4 release date

Hi everybody sorry to bother but I think times are mature now to receive some news on a possible release date for this dlc.
Can we expect it for the next month in may
Or a bit later at the beginning of summer?? June/july
A word from the devs please


Agreed. Iv been sitting here like fine wine and aged cheese waiting for news of the castle.

They don’t give exact dates anymore due to past issues. It’s on the way though,


Good news so we will get the dlc in few weeks I hope so could be end of May/ early June? Let’s hope

Fatshark Games have released a free new update for Warhammer: Vermintide 2– the Enchanter’s Lair. As part of the third and final chapter of the Curse of the Drachenfels event, the update includes the titular Enchanter’s Lair map.

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