CTD before menu shows

Suddenly getting crash to desktop right before the menu’s about to show (after the Keep splash screen). This happens without fail when using DX12, DX11 works fine.

console-2022-01-31-18.31.21-0fe9ff11-24b8-45c9-a11b-ca29090368cc.log (106.6 KB)

The error in the log DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED indicates a GPU-related crash.

If you’ve found that changing to DirectX 11 works I’d recommend sticking with it!

Though, you can try other potential solutions here:

I’ll try out the linked to solutions, but I’d like to try avoid having to downgrade to DX11 if at all possible. DX12 has run without a hitch since release until just recently. Something about nvidia’s 5xx series of drivers perhaps?

Update: nvidia released a new driver today, 511.65. Did a clean install of that driver and now the game starts properly.

Issue resolved :slight_smile:

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