I keep randomly crashing to desktop, can't trace the cause

I’ve had a number of crashes to desktop but it’s hard to pinpoint why though my PC meets the minimum specs.

Sometimes its during the loading screen for the Keep on launch. Sometimes I could just be viewing my character, or equipping items. Other times I could just be moving around the keep. Or I could be on-mission fighting a horde. The game would freeze for a few seconds then crash to desktop.

Here’s the crash ID.
GUID: 110a6997-669f-4c2f-b079-8cff0f4fca74

Hi @KapitanGantu,

The crash report indicates you’re encountering a GPU-related crash.

I recommend running through solutions here:

Let me know how you get on.

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I reinstalled my drivers, and tried everything else applicable in the guide provided.

Sadly I still experienced crashes, but I managed to compile the GUIDs
Are all these still GPU-related?

GUID: bb7d5a38-ccf3-4d17-949e-c43ecbbc3b7b

GUID: f11a83c2-00ce-4979-b33e-183ee63ac752

GUID: 2d84f07f-a0ca-448c-b9dc-5bea507dae1c

GUID: 875b22f9-aa4a-4fc8-bb84-bece805e69c2

GUID: f850f5f9-987b-4a29-95d2-03a44008923e

Hi @KapitanGantu ,

I’ve checked all of the above crash reports and each one is showing the same error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED which indicates the issue is still GPU-related.

I appreciate it’s not ideal, but as you’ve exhausted our usual ‘go to’ solutions for this, then I’m happy to request a refund for you (provided you originally made the purchase via Steam). Let me know if this something you wish to do.

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Oh no need! It sucks I can’t play Chaos Wastes for now, but I’ll happily keep my game copy, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

By the looks I may need to upgrade the GPU altogether. Thank you for your help regardless sir. Really appreciate it! :grinning:


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