Sudden crash during gameplay on Chaos Wastes, not sure of cause

Last night I got two sudden crashes during normal gameplay on Chaos Wastes. Not sure of the cause. I have been having technical issues with my current gaming PC and I am not sure if this is a continuation of those problems or if my GPU simply has been running an unstable voltage/clock profile.

Nothing special was happening during gameplay, but for the latest one that I have the bug report for, there was a special spawn (an assassin) and the game took a dump and sent me to desktop. That followed with a BSOD with the error “VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL ERROR”. As I mentioned, I have been troubleshooting similar issues with other games for 1-2 weeks but had thought I had eliminated most of the problems.

Here is the information from the crash the game provides:

GUID: bf02a443-90c2-4cc2-a43d-81fa3588a8c2
Log File:
Info Type:

I would appreciate any insight into this problem. So far I haven’t been able to truly isolate the issue. I suspect it could be memory related and I am planning on doing a MemTest later today to see if that’s the issue (the PC has DDR5 and I’ve seen plenty of people who ended up with a bad stick that causes problems).


Here’s another one that just happened:

GUID: 0407ac9d-934f-4322-8579-da0860eb8622
Log File:
Info Type:

We were transitioning through a loading screen on Chaos Wastes and the game just suddenly crashed to desktop.

Hi @mashmonster,

Looking at the two crash reports provided you’re running into an Access Violation type crash. However, the first log references an issue with your GPU drivers, and second log references NVIDIA PhysX.

The logs definitely nod toward it being a GPU issue, so I recommend trying solutions here:

You mentioned having wider system issues and BSOD though, in which case I would also recommend running through steps here:

Thanks for the reply!

I believe I narrowed down the problem to unstable DDR5 memory. Weird that the crashes were GPU related in the logs though.

I updated my motherboard BIOS and switched my memory kit to run on XMP 1 and the instability seems to be resolved. I also rolled my Nvidia drivers back to 497.09.

So far so good.

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Interesting, thanks for the update! * fingers crossed * that this has resolved the issue for you.

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