CTD at end of run playing Bardin in Random Group

We just got through a Legend run in the final citadel, cleared the hallways and then this CTD happens.

Details: very limited since I was too busy mowing enemies that i was flustered about it for a few minutes (havent had a CTD for a long time) before grabbing everything together (I didnt record the game)

I cannot give details if the others crashed as well since it was a random party.

I also did not get the ‘request to send bug report’ which I do remember from earlier days?

console-2021-04-24-14.57.51-1739a872-e599-4874-8efc-d70c67e3e5c9.zip (295.5 KB)

crash_dump-2021-04-24-14.57.51-1739a872-e599-4874-8efc-d70c67e3e5c9.dmp (776.2 KB)

Looks like one of our notorious ‘Deadlock’ crashes. We’re looking in to similarly reported issues.

Thank you for letting us know!

I still have a few mods enabled, but cant pinpoint them on it.

Just sad that such a thrilling end to a run gets no reward :cry: more Skaven will have to suffer for it

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