Random CTD Mid Game

I consistently keep crashing to desktop since patch 3.4. It happens randomly (?) without any GUIDs.
I use almost every sancioned mod (except UI Tweaks due to obvious reasons and some other things) and play mostly with bots alone.
Also I gathered some information about the last crash.
Console log:
console-2020-11-24-20.08.24-aca8e223-b259-47be-ab5b-54e6c8a1efc4.log (939.5 KB)
Crash dump:
crash_dump-2020-11-24-20.08.24-aca8e223-b259-47be-ab5b-54e6c8a1efc4.dmp (741.7 KB)
Zip archive with event log of the game with errors (something about KERNELBASE):
Vermintide 2 CTD Events.zip (13.6 KB)
Also here’s my DxDiag report:
DxDiag.txt (98.9 KB)
Thank you.

This is a known crash that we can hopefully patch tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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