Crosspplay steam, gamepass, consoles?

anyone knows if crossplay with gamepass, and consoles is planned?
and when i say consoles, is a PS release also planned or only xBox?
i’m curious if the game will become big one day or again or if it will be orphaned and niche.
thanks in advance

There is no crossplay currently and I’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that it’s never coming.

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i start to feel sorry for the devs - so much potential, so good work regarding artwork, leveldesign, combat, music etc. etc. and everything else so much of a ****show.
The Devs who did the good parts need to be frustrated af and i hope they are young and just didnt know to whom and what they wasted their talent.
This game could have been one of the best games of 2022, it could have a brilliant future, but like everybody else i more and more lose all hopes.

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Haha! You’re a funny guy! The answer’s “no”

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i think they said they were going to work on it and somtime early this year idk

edit: next week :wink:

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I just don’t understand gamepass at all, who in their right mind would buy anything from micro$oft? and no I don’t own an xbawks and never will

Vt2 had/has a great community on steam, it was a no brainer for me

Those who want to try it out with the $1 gamepass and leveled up. My friends were on Back4Blood and I suggested they should give Darktide a go which they enjoyed. I never took notice since most of my other friends are on Steam but when I tried to team up I realised the issue.

February 1, 40023.

damn thats late :crazy_face:

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Me, i have gamepass and an xbox. Great to discover games, like i did with darktide.
Also, i play one game on the console that I cannot play on pc (NHL).

They said that they work on it. At least it is what I heard, but never seen any official message o
this. So, I would not bet on this.

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This was the last official word back in the pre order beta:

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In other words… Next week

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i’m patient more or less

It’s definitely a structural and planning issue. If you knew you were releasing on 2 different stores each with their own matchmaking and network/multiplayer infrastructure it would probably be a good idea to have your own layer of network interface on top of that so that people from both systems can connect and interact with each other, kinda like how Remnant from the Ashes did it. They took the easy way out (just implementing straight over Steamworks and Xbox/Microsoft) and ended up with potentially more work pushed down the road (cross play, maintaining both sets of infrastructure separately, etc.).


I would be fine with consoles crossplay, as long they keep it away from PC playerbase. Steam and gamepass? Uhhh…I would not hold your breath here…

What’s wrong with letting the console playerbase in?

this game is gonna die before that happens :frowning:

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Generally, console players using controllers get utterly defecated upon by KBM PC players. One has precision aim and one has “close enough.”