Crits should have more penetrate

for melee weapons, it should have unlimited penetrate like sienna’s flame sword. this will save all one-handed axes, now they have a high crit rate but they can handle armored without crit. And also greatswords benifit from it .
for ranged weapons, it can just hit more units or a double range, especially for staffs.

WHC with flense and rapier with unlimited cleave on crits sounds… interesting.

This is a little tangential sorry, but does the game say somewhere that crits increase cleave? Because for the longest time I incorrectly thought they did, and I still haven’t figured out where I got that idea from.

As much as I wouldn’t mind seeing crits increase cleave for selfish reasons as a BH player. I don’t think it’d be a good idea overall. Crits are already highly incentivised with armour pen, damage, and proccing swift slaying + many skills across a number of careers. It’s the sort of change I wouldn’t mind seeing if it came with a swift slaying nerf or the like, but I think it’d increase disparity between high and low crit careers/weapons which is not great. Imagine dual daggers with infinite (or even just significantly increased) cleave on crits? Pretty disgusting TBH.

1h axe does need help, but I don’t think sweeping crit changes is a good way to address that.

What about a new trait for melee and ranged weapons with that behavior? Crits have doubled cleave for melee. Or Crit shots penetrate additional target for ranged. Would move that “swift slaying” meta a bit.

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maybe you are right, the weapons with high crit rate seems to be OP.
maybe we can add a symbol that the weapon with it can have a better penetrate, such as axes and greatswords( in real word they should be), and on the other hand, daggers may have fewer targets for exchange.

for melee weapons it can be a good idea, but the ranged is not.

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