Crashing when trying to select Battle Wizard Sienna

GUID: 4fdaab71-d24a-4683-84c7-c7f88bdbb250
Log File:
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Been trying three times now to select my Battle Wizard Sienna and gotten this crash every time. Only running sanctioned mods. Gonna try verifying game files since this third time I actually got an in-game window telling me my files were corrupted. Will post again if that fixes it.

It did get fixed after verifying. Said 19 files failed to verify and would be reacquired. I guess something went wrong with my update process. Dunno if the crash report can help with something else, but there you go.

Hi @Alipheese,

The logs show that your Vermintide 2 installation has become corrupted.

Usually Verifying Integrity of Game Files can resolve this, but In cases where the errors continue after using this option, we consider it to be persistent data corruption - which can, unfortunately, occur for a number of reasons.

I recommend trying some other potential solutions here:

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